Following is a list of useful reference documents related to the housing market. They have been produced by various sources and are compiled here for your perusal. Additional documents will be added as they become available, or when they are brought to our attention.

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Important Information – How to Use the Library
The “Title” link below links to a local copy of the document. The “Source” link below links to the original source of the document, where available.

Title Source Pub-Date Format
The Link Between Growth Management and Housing Affordability The Brookings Institution 2002.02 pdf
Home Price Analysis for Seattle Region NAR 2005.07 pdf
A Froth-Finding Mission HSBC 2006.01 pdf
Seattle’s Skyline by 2010 Seattle P-I 2006.06 pdf
Urban Growth Boundary Map King County 2006.07 pdf
Home Price Analysis for Seattle Region NAR 2006.07 pdf
Data Masks Grim Reality Credit Suisse 2006.09 pdf
Mortgage Liquidity du Jour Credit Suisse 2007.03 pdf
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Reset Schedule 2007-2010 Credit Suisse 2007.03 gif
Monthly ARM Reset Schedule 2007-2009 Bank of America 2007.06 gif
Midsummer Meltdown – Prospects for the Stock and Housing Markets CEPR 2007.08 pdf
Understanding Recent Trends in House Prices and Home Ownership Robert Shiller 2007.08 pdf
Why Now Is A Smart Time To Buy John L. Scott 2008.01 pdf
The Cost of Maintaining Ownership in the Current Crisis CEPR 2008.04 pdf
The Changing Prospects for Building Home Equity CEPR 2008.10 pdf