P-I Editorial Board Makes A Funny

There’s not much to this short editorial in today’s Seattle P-I that follows up on last Friday’s “Seattle not in a bubble” story. It’s nothing though if not good for a short laugh: A Post-Intelligencer headline a few days ago reinforces a common narrative: “Seattle may escape housing bubble.” The cost of a home may […]

10-15% Price Increases In Seattle "Modest"

Here’s yet another story for you with the premise that Seattle is not in a bubble at all. This one comes courtesy of the Seattle P-I. Home prices in some parts of the country might be primed for a decline, putting a drag on the nation’s economy, but Seattle apparently could avoid the problem of […]

Seattle Rakes In The Property Taxes

The Seattle P-I chimes in today with another story of the local housing bubble’s windfall tax revenues for local governments. Specifically, this story is about the city of Seattle. Everybody’s talking about Seattle’s red-hot housing market. People who want to buy in, people who want to cash out and people who are getting rich off […]

Battle Over Growth in Sammamish

Today’s Seattle Times has this story on the builders vs. city battle going on in Sammamish. Since incorporating in 1999, [Sammamish] city officials have scrambled to stem the tide of new housing projects by passing growth moratoriums. The last one expired in August and was replaced by a new “growth metering” ordinance — the first […]

Prices "In Line With Long-Term Trends"

CNN/Money provides a short interview with a professor who claims that his study shows that home prices in many of America’s cities, including Seattle, are perfectly in line with history. Are home values in America’s biggest cities out of whack with the rest of the country? Chris Mayer, a finance and economics professor who heads […]

Seattle Times Asks: Who Will Lead On Housing?

The Times today features a special report on housing, with a graphic that I found particularly pertinent. In the past five years, real hourly wages have grown by only 2 percent while the median home price has increased by 52 percent. Though homeownership levels are currently high, a good portion is due to the use […]