Friday Flashback: “I tease the bubble bloggers!”

Local real estate salesman Mack McCoy, writing on the now-defunct Seattle Real Estate Professionals blog in October 2007: I tease the bubble bloggers! The people on this board have extensive experience in the real estate world, and while there may be differences of opinion among them, the fact is that their opinions deserve to carry […]

Friday Flashback: “Quite frankly, it’s time to buy.”

Here’s a great article that printed in the Seattle P-I in February 2007 (you know, back when they still existed as a printed paper). For those undeterred by the sales flier that warned a 96-year-old Columbia City house is “an extreme fixer, to be entered at your own risk” or by the “hazardous environment” sign […]

Friday Flashback: “Kendra Todd agrees with Lar”

As some long-time readers will recall, Larry Cragun is a former Issaquah real estate agent who received a brief mention in a previous Friday Flashback for his characterization of bubble blogs as “the babbling and whining of children.” But he really deserves to have a Friday Flashback all to himself. So that’s what he gets […]

Friday Flashback: Lawrence Yun: “Seattle is Underpriced”

Wow, how could I forget this gem from November 2007? National Association of Realtors “Chief Economist” Lawrence Yun: Seattle a "superstar" market Seattle is becoming a “superstar” market, where housing costs may never settle back into historical relationships to incomes, a national analyst declared on Tuesday. Speaking at the annual conference of the National Association […]

Friday Flashback: “You will never see a major housing price crash here.”

Somehow last month I missed the five-year anniversary of my lengthy email conversation with local mortgage broker Steve Tytler. Some choice excerpts: I have been actively involved in the Seattle real estate market for more than 20 years and I have studied the market stats all the way back to the 1960’s. I can tell […]

Friday Flashback: Condos “providing a ray of sunshine”

Yesterday’s post about Alaska Air’s condo-booster “article” reminded me of this 2007 piece in the Seattle Times: Condos a bright spot in housing market The condo market is healthier than the detached-house market, and prices are holding their own. Those are the key findings from an analysis released Friday of the Seattle-area condominium market by […]

Friday Flashback: You Missed Seattle’s Bottom in 2006

Here’s a flashback from June 2007, courtesy of Forbes: Most Resilient U.S. Real Estate Markets When it comes to real estate, the questions on everyone’s lips are: How low is low, and when’s the perfect time to buy back in? That moment has passed in Seattle and Charlotte—both metros hit bottom in the first quarter […]