Reader Comment: “Now all I seem to be able to afford are the meth houses!”

A reader going by the handle “JustSomeDude” left a comment this morning that is worth highlighting:

Came upon this website a couple months ago and find everyone’s perspectives interesting. I see a lot of wondering on what potential regular, non-speculating, non-investor sellers and buyers are thinking and doing. People who just want to live in a nice house.

I can’t speak for others, but I can share my thoughts / experiences recently as well as some anecdotal stories…

Avondale Albatross Finally Unloaded at 52% of ’07 Price

It’s time for what will most likely be our final update on the Avondale Albatross, the storied spec home first spotted on these pages in June 2006, and most recently foreclosed by Bank of America, who had been attempting to unload it since last November. According to the MLS, yesterday Bank of America was finally […]

40% Off and Counting for the Avondale Albatross

Remember the Avondale Albatross? Last gracing these pages a year ago, the storied spec home (something of a Seattle Bubble mascot) was first noticed on these pages way back in June 2006 when it was priced at $1,625,000. Here’s the history of this 4,900 sq. ft. spec home on 3 acres a bit north of […]

What a Million Bucks Buys: West Coast Edition

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The Avondale Albatross Now Bank of America’s Problem

The saga of the Avondale Albatross continues… A brief history of this 4,900 sq. ft. spec home on 3 acres north of Redmond: 2006-06: Originally spotted here, priced at $1,625,000 2006-08: Price drop to $1,495,000 2006-10: Price drop to $1,275,000 2006-11: New brokerage, still asking $1,275,000 2007-02: After 9 months on the market, finally sold […]

Buyers Getting More House for Their Money Even as Median Prices Rise

In our conversation last week about median prices, David Losh brought up an interesting question: It would be interesting to see what the median price buys you this year compared to last year, or the year before. With some neighborhoods around Seattle showing year-over-year gains in their median prices, it would be informative to see […]

Million Dollar Decision Making

In the spirit of this 2007 post… let’s say you have a million bucks that you’re going to use to buy some real estate… Option 1: A 3,150 square foot “beautiful, well maintained Craftsman” sporting an “open floor plan with designer touches,” located on a 4,584 sq. ft. (0.1 acre) lot in the idyllic 47th […]