End of the week commentary: Inventory

Here’s S-Crow’s Avatar/mug. Yep, sweater season. Regarding Inventory Although I have noticed homes dropping off the market in my neck of the woods in Snohomish Co, generally speaking, for semi-serious sellers, early and mid-October is a bit soon to pull the property off the market. I can understand if it was during the full holiday […]


REALTOR® vs. Reality

Continuing The Tim’s trend of quick posts, I thought I would add this to the flurry of news today. King5 ran a news piece last night that is summarized in this article, entitled Home sellers upping incentives in crowded market The piece quotes Reba Haas, one of the contributors over at Rain City Guide. She […]


Drive by comment: What a small world.

Today I was shopping for a large capital expense item for the office and met with a software vendor and the owner of a hardware dealer up in the Everett area. The software vendor was showing his wares in a presentation and his accent was thick. Obviously the gentleman was from Britain. He asked what […]


Overheard in the Breakroom

“I can drive to work all week in my Camry, without having to tank up.” “I ride my bike to work, and get here in 10 minutes.” “Yeah, well I bought a condo in Issaquah, so I have to drive.” “I rent a house right here in Redmond.” “What do you pay per month?” “$1,700” […]

Flipping in Seattle for Fun and Profit

Are prices in Seattle based on strong fundamentals or speculation? While we can certainly look at the data and draw conclusions for ourselves, there is little to no hard information out there about how many people are buying merely to turn a quick buck. There are those that treat the lack of hard data regarding […]


Messed Up Homebuyer Logic

The following quote from yet another boring article about condos caught my attention due to its absurdity: Prices range from about $219,000 for a studio up to just over $400,000 for a two-bedroom condo. Gamel touted Sapphire’s finishes and amenities, proximity to Green Lake and downtown, and Greenwood itself.…Sapphire’s price, the fact that it’s new, […]


Wanted: Construction Job in Seattle

Either this report is a fabrication, or the guys in question haven’t been clued in to how special Seattle is… Construction workers from across the country came to the Cedar Rim Apartments in Newcastle for a major remodeling project.They worked for weeks but were only partially paid. Now, some are stranded and taxpayers are footing […]