May Reporting Roundup

It’s that time of the month again… time to check in with the local press to hear the same old regurgitated message about how great and healthy our housing market is. Elizabeth Rhodes, Seattle Times: What gives? Local home-sales market is softening, but prices keep rising Local home sales cool off; why are prices still […]


April Reporting Roundup

Here’s a compilation of what your local press (aka real estate advertisers) had to say about last month’s home sales data from the NWMLS. It’s depressing to think that these sources are where most people get their news of the market from… Elizabeth Rhodes, Seattle Times:King County home prices keep rising, bucking national trendBuying a […]

Seattle Immune to Financing Woes?

When the question is “how will the current home lending meltdown affect the housing market in Seattle,” the answer depends on who you ask. For instance, if you ask #1 Seattle real estate cheerleader Elizabeth Rhodes, the answer is something to the effect of: “Seattle is special. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it.” […]


January Reporting Roundup

Let’s have a look at the local press reaction to the market’s continued slowdown, shall we? First up, the poster child for slowdown denial in the media, Elizabeth Rhodes. This month she actually managed to sandwich a morsel of reality in between the excuses and the unbridled optimism: A nasty dose of winter last month […]


December Reporting Roundup

After just nine months of increasing YOY home inventory and fourteen months of declining YOY home sales, the local media has apparently taken notice. Even Elizabeth Rhodes at the Seattle Times can’t ignore the slowing trend: In fact, buyers weren’t racing to make offers anywhere in the central Puget Sound area last month, according to […]

Optimism on the Menu for 2007

In addition to the standard E. Rhodes fluff piece that Synthetik posted about on Sunday, there were a couple other articles posted over the weekend that conveyed a general sense of optimism about Seattle’s housing market in the coming year. Here are a few choice quotes from Mike Benbow’s article in the Everett Herald titled […]