Buy Now, or Wait it Out?

Now that prices are undeniably dropping in Seattle, a common refrain from real estate salespeople is that “you can’t time the bottom,” or “you can’t predict the future,” implying that you should go ahead and just buy now, because we’re probably at or near the bottom already, and if you wait you’ll be sorry. This […]

March Reporting Roundup

I would have posted the reporting roundup on Saturday, but I was out of town for the weekend, and my only Internet access was dial-up (*shudder*). The tone of this month’s reporting isn’t too much different from last month, except that we’ve got a small dose of optimism thanks to a slight spring improvement. Of […]

February Reporting Roundup

Here comes this month’s market reporting roundup. After seven months of declining/flat prices, declining year-over-year sales in 27 of the last 28 months, and 23 straight months of an ever-increasing number of homes on the market, I think we can officially declare that the Seattle-area housing market is in a slump. Of course, while the […]

January Reporting Roundup

It’s time for another reporting roundup. Let’s see what the local newspapers have to say about January’s not-so-positive numbers from the NWMLS. Will they claim that the market “bottoming out” and about to jump into full recovery mode? Or maybe they have finally come to accept the fact that Seattle will not avoid the downturn, […]

Who Are You Going to Believe on the Economy?

Let’s have a little economic review, shall we? Early 2006 — We were told by “economists” that all is well in the housing market, and we were just headed for a soft landing. Definitely zero risk to the economy. January 27, 2006“All the hype about the housing market falling apart is exaggerated,” Tim Rogers, Boston-based […]