New, Even Better New York Times Buy vs. Rent Calculator

For years, the gold standard in online buy vs. rent calculators has been the one created and hosted by the New York Times. This week, they released a brand new, updated and enhanced version: Is It Better to Rent or Buy? The new version lays out all of the variables in a clean and simple […]

Nonsense from Trulia: Buying 42% Cheaper than Renting

Longtime P-I real estate reporter Aubrey Cohen certainly knows how to get my attention. Here’s a story he ran on their site yesterday: Report finds buying a home way cheaper than renting Buying a home is way cheaper than renting in all 100 of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas, including Seattle, according to a new […]

Your (Mortgaged) Home is Not an Investment

In late June’s post where I plotted the long-term trend of inflation-adjusted local home prices, there was some disagreement with my snarky insinuation that zero real appreciation over thirteen years (1999 to 2012) represents a lousy investment. As one reader correctly pointed out, the stock market’s total non-inflation-adjusted return over the same time period is […]

Top 10 Reasons NOT to Buy a Home

We spend most of our time on here focused on home buying—prices, economics, neighborhoods, etc.—but I thought it might be nice to have a brief reminder that buying a home isn’t for everyone. For many people, renting is simply the better choice, even if home prices are at a reasonable level supported by the local […]

Buy vs. Rent: A Real Life Pre-Peak Example

I thought it might be interesting to dig into a real life example of just how much money a bubble-believing home buyer would have lost by purchasing a home during the insanity of the housing bubble in Seattle. What better example to use than our favorite Ballard home that just sold? Wherever possible I’ll be […]

Weekend Reads from Across the Spectrum

Here are a few recent articles of interest that I thought might be worth discussion. Calculated Risk: The upward slope of Real House Prices I don’t think we have to choose between real prices and price-to-rent graphs to ask “how far out of line are house prices?” I think they are both showing that prices […]