One in Four Pending Sales Still Not Closing

It’s been quite a while since we last had a look at the percentage of pending sales that turn into closed sales, so let’s refresh that chart and take a look a the latest data. This particular series is fairly noisy when you look at it with monthly granularity, so for this post I’ve rolled […]

Fishy NWMLS Sales “Increase” in November

Full disclosure: The Tim is employed by Redfin. I noticed something a little fishy in last month’s sales numbers from the NWMLS. See if you can spot it in the closed sales chart: Notice how the number of closed sales ticked up between October and November this year, when every other year there was a […]

Are Even More Pending Sales Falling Apart?

There was a national story that circulated late last month that caught my interest, claiming that “Exceptionally large numbers of signed real estate contracts fell apart last month.” Here’s a brief excerpt: Economic uncertainty leads to canceled home contracts Are homebuyers walking away in droves from the contracts they’ve signed? Or are they essentially fouling […]

Another Reminder that “Pending Sales” are Near-Useless

Here’s a visual I intended to whip up last week but ran out of time for. I noticed in the pending sales chart that 2011’s pending sales were trending fairly closely with the pre-bubble trend from 2000-2002, but when I looked over to the closed sales chart, the lines where nowhere near each other. I […]

What’s With the December Bump in Closed Sales?

As promised, I’d like to take a little time to go into the odd December bump in closed sales according to the numbers released this week by the NWMLS. Here are the three points I’ll be covering: There definitely was a bump in sales in December. The NWMLS numbers overstate the size of the bump. […]

November King Co. SFH Closed Sales to Drop Below 1K?

Quick note: According to a search of closed SFH sales in the last month on Redfin, just 763 homes have sold in King County during that time (as of 9:00 AM this morning). I assume a relatively large number of sales may be back-logged from the long holiday weekend, but even if two hundred homes […]

Quick Look: May 2010 in Bar Charts

Time for another installment of “quick look,” a series of posts in which I present a fresh set of charts for some recent data with minimal commentary. Today’s theme is King County SFH May stats in bar charts compared to each May since 2000. Note that the definition of “Active Listings” was revised in July […]