Reader Question: Sell Now, or Rent It & Wait?

I received the following email from a reader: I am relocating out of the country and trying to understand if it is better for me to sell the house now or rent it for a few years and then sell. I bought the house 7 years ago and I think I can sell it for […]

Friday Flashback: You Missed Seattle’s Bottom in 2006

Here’s a flashback from June 2007, courtesy of Forbes: Most Resilient U.S. Real Estate Markets When it comes to real estate, the questions on everyone’s lips are: How low is low, and when’s the perfect time to buy back in? That moment has passed in Seattle and Charlotte—both metros hit bottom in the first quarter […]

Friday Flashback: Why Second-Guess Forbes & Moody’s?

Today’s flashback comes from September 2006, when Forbes tackled the question: How Low Will Real Estate Go? Get used to it—the seller’s market is closing up shop. The days of fat, fast home value increases are gone. Pack away those flipping fantasies. “The boom is definitely over, there’s no debate about that,” said Mark Zandi, […]

Friday Flashback: “Prices climb without a hiccup.”

For anyone who wonders why I pay little to no attention to Forbes when it comes to real estate, here’s a little flashback from late November 2007, four months after home prices peaked in Seattle. Scaled-back lending practices, risky loans, oversupply and low demand continue to plague the nation’s housing markets, driving down prices and […]

More Wild Guesses from Forbes on the Housing Market

Over in the open thread, a reader dropped a link to an amusing article from Forbes: No Double-Dip For Housing Although the end of the Fed’s purchases will certainly not help the housing market, we do not believe it will result in a “double-dip” for housing or the economy. Instead, we expect home building, home […]

Forbes: Seattle Most Likely to Rebound

In a story eerily similar to SmartMoney’s “best shape for a rebound” article Forbes once again places Seattle #1 on their own list of Real Estate Markets Most Likely To Rebound. The best cities in which to invest are those that are considered gateways to international investment, have vital downtowns where people can forgo cars, […]

More Good List-Based “News” from Forbes

The constant stream of lists from Forbes provides a great distraction and source of amusement. Their latest list is no exception. Behold the ten “Best Cities To Ride Out The Recession”: Austin, TX Oklahoma City, OK Honolulu, HI Portland, OR Tulsa, OK Virginia Beach, VA Seattle, WA Baltimore, MD Boston, MA Lancaster, PA From the […]