Reader Question: Home Prices in Gold?

A reader emailed me with a question about home prices compared to gold: Any easy way for you to compare Case-Shiller home prices to gold? I have a hunch prices have dropped much more dramatically than we realize, as our USD goes in the tank. Maybe Goldman’s 22% drop prediction was closer if the nasty […]

Local Incomes: Median & Per Capita, Real & Nominal

Okay let’s revisit the discussion on local incomes once more. First up, I’d like to highlight the top comment from Monday’s discussion, posted by “gr8day”: I make less today than I did 6 years ago. So does my barber, my brother, my next door neighbor, best friend, pastor at church, and most of the people […]

King County Home Prices & Affordability 1950 – Q2 2012

A reader pointed out to me this week that it has been three years since I updated the long-term chart of King County home prices back to 1950. So, by request, here is an update to that chart as of May, along with the affordability index over the same time period. In the first quarter […]

Local Home Prices Outpaced by Inflation since 2000

A commenter brought up an interesting point over the weekend: I thought Case-Shiller showed that over time dwellings gained nothing more than inflation. Let’s see how Seattle’s Case-Shiller index has performed compared to inflation since 2000. In the chart below I’ve plotted Seattle’s Case-Shiller Home Price Index (which comes from the factory indexed to January […]

Real Seattle Home Prices Rewound to March 2000

Wow, has it really been three months since I posted the national Case-Shiller losses map? I guess so! Sounds like it’s time for a refresh. In the map below I’ve put the Case-Shiller home price index data from all twenty cities on a map. The size of each circle represents how far back prices have […]

Seattle Home Prices Average 4% Annual Gains Since 1990

I updated my chart that compares the gains in Seattle’s Case-Shiller Home Price Index with consistent annual increases at various levels, and noticed that for the first time since 1997, home prices dropped below the level of 4% annual gains since 1990. I’ve also added a plot of the Consumer Price Index for the Seattle […]