There’s a Reason They’re Called “Moody”

A few readers were questioning why I didn’t write up a full post last month on Moody’s forecast that U.S. home prices will rise 7.2% between today and 2014, with prices in Seattle rising 26% and Bremerton shooting up a whopping 45%. Here’s a brief excerpt from the August 3rd Bloomberg article about the forecast: […]

Weekend News Roundup

Here are a few local real estate stories to kick off this snowy Christmas week. Aubrey Cohen, Seattle P-I: It’s refi — not buy — in Seattle’s housing market Unusually low interest rates have spurred a run of mortgage refinancings in the Seattle area, but not necessarily more home purchases. … Andrew Gledhill, an associate […]

“Turmoil,” “Fear,” & “Uncertainty” Bursting Seattle’s Bubble

The P-I ran an interesting little article by Aubrey Cohen today: Turmoil rattles local real estate market The recent nationwide economic turmoil appears to have intensified already prevalent skittishness among buyers and lenders — and helped persuade sellers to get real. … The turmoil has increased the fear of buying now, only to see prices […]


Fortune: Price-to-Rent Correction Forecasting

Over at the Baltimore Housing Bubble blog, site contributor Kevin has an interesting post up about a recent article in Fortune Magazine. This months edition of Fortune Magazine (November 12, 2007) had a great article on housing called How Low Can They Go? by Shawn Tully (no online link available yet, but I’ll modify post […]