Sales Up, Inventory Up More, Prices Flat

February statistics from the NWMLS have been posted. As is the custom, the Seattle Bubble Spreadsheet has been updated and uploaded. Some of my guesses for King County were fairly close, with the notable exception of Pending Sales (Res), which shot up to 2,375. That’s +7.66% YOY, ending the 15-month streak of declining YOY sales. […]


Guess What? Inventory Up, Sales Down.

An inside source has supplied me with the latest NWMLS statistics, and they tell exactly the story you would expect if you’ve been paying any attention at all during the prior nine months. For what is now the tenth month in a row, inventory was up and sales were down YOY. In fact, sales have […]


Listing History

My thoughts on the issue while working hard. A balanced perspective The dissemination of data from the NWMLS to the public will be limited for a variety of reasons. Safety and protection of potentially personal information of each seller is paramount. I am uncertain whether the issue of safety and protection of personal information should […]

If the MLS is an advertisement…

At the risk of beating a dead horse, I’d like to continue Friday’s conversation about the re-listed house on Avondale. Thanks to yet another reply by Ms. Reed as well as a series of replies from Ardell, it has finally gotten through my thick skull that “cancel and relist” is different from “let expire and […]


Anecdote: Reloaded

Many of you may remember the million-dollar new construction that I’ve been following since June of last year. Recall that it was originally listed at $1,625,000, has seen four separate price reductions (down to $1,275,000—28% off), and was most recently re-listed with a new brokerage and a shiny new description. About a year ago I […]