Are Home Price Drops Around Seattle Mostly Over?

I was thinking recently about the claim that we’ve been hearing lately from some sources that Seattle home price declines are over. The primary evidence they seem to provide for this hypothesis seems to be the slight bump in some Seattle-area median prices, and the uptick in sales. I’m not convinced, but rather than just […]

Seattle Bubble: Hindering the Market?

Seattle Bubble scaring away buyers, sellers and refinance consumers? I’m really not convinced Marlow Harris of Coldwell Banker Bain feels that Seattle Bubble is all about fear mongering and scaring the public away from buying a home.  I know she mentioned it, but I don’t believe it.   Marlow and many other agents and loan officers […]

Housing Crisis Not Over, Just Starting in Seattle

A couple people pointed out a piece in the Wall Street Journal yesterday titled The Housing Crisis Is Over. I don’t doubt that the mere fact that it was printed in the WSJ makes it gospel to some folks. I am not interested in writing a rebuttal to this piece, as that has already been […]