Amazon HQ2 may already be turning Seattle into a buyers market

I did some speculative analysis for Redfin on the impact that Amazon HQ2 will have on the Seattle real estate market: Amazon HQ2 Could Quickly Turn Seattle Into a Buyer’s Market

For the article I spoke with a Redfin Seattle agent who has had some interesting conversations already with buyers…


State of the Seattle Housing Market: 2016

It’s been almost a year since we last took a high-level view of the local housing market and considered whether or not we’re experiencing Housing Bubble 2.0. Let’s step back and take another look at the big picture. Current Market Highlights standing inventory is at an all-time low new listings are at an all-time low […]

Seattle Real Estate in 2023 (via Parks & Recreation)

What will the Seattle real estate market look like eight years from now? Not much different than it does today, if “Parks & Recreation” is to be believed. For those who have been living in a TV culture vacuum for the last seven years, Parks & Recreation was an NBC TV show about local government […]

Checking Up on Goldman’s Bearish 2010 Two-Year Forecast

Readers may recall the following prediction from Goldman Sachs in June 2010: Goldman: Seattle Home Prices to Fall 22% More by 2012 Following their earlier collapse, house prices appear caught in a cross current. On the one hand, there are indications that prices may have bottomed. While alternative house price indices differ in details, they […]

People Stink at Predicting Interest Rates

Last summer we ran a poll that asked the question “When will interest rates first rise back above 6%?” Here are the results of that poll: With the rate for a 30-year fixed currently averaging 3.69%, it’s rather startling that 36% of you believed that interest rates would rise above six percent before the end […]

The Mega Spring Bounce of 2012

In order to quantify just how absurd this year’s spring bounce has been, here are a few charts I generated from the single-family home data on Redfin’s region page for King County: Listings continue to drop through the floor. The selection this year really is abysmal. Meanwhile, listing prices are soaring through the roof. They […]