"Local Prices Are Not Headed Backward"

Here’s a familiar song, courtesy of Tom Kelly at the Everett Herald. It used to be a popular notion among local real estate agents that the Northwest housing market lagged behind the California market by about six months. … I thought about that idea recently when I read that home sales decreased 30.1 percent in […]

Economy.com: Seattle Definitely Special

Commenter MIDan pointed out a downright funny article over at Forbes.com in which they publish graphs predicting the next ten years of real estate prices in 15 metro areas around the country, including Seattle. Here’s their graph for Seattle: You just know it has to be correct, because I mean listen to this terribly convincing […]

Wharton’s Conclusion: Soft Landing

In case you haven’t noticed, Gregory Wharton has posted the final chapter in his series on Seattle real estate prices. If you thought my response to his previous post was long, you’re in for a shock. Find a comfy chair and make sure you have a good-sized block of time to tackle his 3,500-word thesis […]

Rain City Bubble Boosters Club

Our local real estate blog Rain City Real Estate Guide — by realtors, for realtors (my subtitle, not theirs) tackled the topic of a Seattle bubble today. “Eastside Specialist” Chuck Reiling places himself firmly in the “Microsoft will protect us” camp with his post: The second kind of bubble, let’s call it Type II, seems […]

Bainbridge Realtor Predicts "Even Sharper Rise"

As if to offset the words of a local economist in a separate story by the same reporter, here come the predictions of a realtor on what 2006 holds for Bainbridge Island real estate: While the national housing market is showing signs of slowing down after a fast-paced year, the Bainbridge market is still picking […]

Economy-watcher: "Yes and No" Seattle Bubble

Here’s yet another blue-sky prediction for 2006 that takes the “our prices haven’t risen as fast/much as other areas, so therefore we’re not in a bubble” angle: Economy-watcher Michael Parks suggests that people worried about a housing bubble in the Puget Sound region get a little perspective. Sure, house prices have climbed a healthy 14.5 […]

Don’t Wait To Buy?

Writer Tom Kelly offers an opinion piece in the Everett Herald in which he takes a very matter-of-fact tone. To hear him tell it, there’s no question, prices will not decrease in the Puget Sound: Is there significant merit in waiting for the local housing market to cool before jumping in to buy a home? […]