Top 25 Cities: Price to Rent and Price to Income Ratios

J.D. Roth over at Get Rich Slowly put up a post Wednesday about renting vs. buying, sort of a follow-up to my 2007 post over there. In it, he said that he couldn’t find any info on current price-to-rent ratios around the country, so I thought I would update the list I put up back […]

Housing Stats: Seattle vs. Other Big Cities

Building on the data that was presented yesterday, here’s a sortable table of some more detailed housing stats for the 25 largest US cities by population. Included below are population, density, median sale price, median price per square foot, median rent, median household income, median list price, and some ratios of sale prices to rents […]

Improvement in Seattle Home Prices vs. Economic Fundamentals

Here’s an update to the area-wide price-to-income and price-to-rent ratio charts we first posted back in April. These charts are based on per capita income, “Median Contract Rent” (from 2005 adjusted using the “rent of primary residence” component of the CPI), and Case-Shiller home prices indexed to the county-wide median. They are not intended to […]

What does Personal Income tell us about near future home prices?

There have been a couple of discussions in the comments section in the last week or so about the relationship between home prices and incomes.   I thought it would be  a good time to queue up a post about the long-term price-to-income trends, where we are now, and what the possible outcomes could be. The […]

Seattle Homes Still 10-20% Overpriced Compared to Rents and Incomes

Inspired by this post from Rich Toscano down in San Diego showing that home prices there have reached historically reasonable levels when compared to rents and incomes, I thought I would put together some similar charts for Seattle to see how close we are to reasonable home prices. Here’s the chart for home prices to […]

Washington Real Estate: 40% overvalued?

I ran across this very interesting analysis of the California real estate market by Goldman Sachs this weekend (PDF alert!). It is the author’s contention that in the past, changes real estate prices could be explained by two factors: disposable income and interest rates. They then go on to demonstrate, as shown below – how […]