Reader Question: Is Seattle just for the super wealthy now?

I received the following question this morning from a frustrated home buyer: We recently lost our second offer on a home to a all case buyer. I know that many other buyers have been at this longer than a year and spent far more than we have but before I get to that poverty point […]

Reader Question: Thinking of Finally Buying

I received the following question this week from a reader whose situation is probably similar to many other readers of these pages: photo by The Tim I was a big follower of this site during 2006-2009 and felt pretty informed/unsurprised when the original bubble burst. I’ve been busy since then, got married, went through grad […]

Follow-Up: Seattle Area Property Management Companies

The reader who wrote in a couple months ago with the question about finding the best property management firm in the Seattle area wrote back with detailed notes from their selection process and who they ended up going with in the end. The following is taken directly from their follow-up email. Here are my notes […]

Reader Question: What About the Upside of the Bubble?

I was going through my public “To-Do List” when I came across this user submission: Talk about the upside of the bubble in terms of neighbor quality I really enjoyed one aspect of Seattle’s bubble. I loved the “rising tide” effect that seemed to be transforming my neighborhood. Hard to quantify. More of a qualitative […]

Reader Question: Finding info on Seattle neighborhoods?

I recently received an email with this question from a reader about finding information on Seattle neighborhoods: After living in the Midwest for 40 years, it is time for a change. I have a close friend in Issaquah, and I’m selling all of my possessions – save my two loyal dogs – and fixin’ to […]

Reader Question: Best Property Management Companies?

A reader wrote in with the following question about Seattle-area property management companies for the rental of their home: I’ve been able to save up a sizeable down payment to buy a bigger home, and rather than selling my current home I plan to rent it out. Since I have no interest in being a […]

Reader Question: Can I Negotiate a Commission Discount?

Full disclosure: The Tim was employed by Redfin (is just a shareholder as of October 2013) and WaLaw Realty and Quill Realty are Seattle Bubble advertisers. A reader wrote in with the following question about real estate agent commissions: In the near future my wife and I are going to need to sell our respective […]