Reader Comment: Offers Appear to be Slowing Down

I received the following email from a reader who has been shopping for homes this spring in North Seattle: This is just a note from the open house circuit. Houses in North Seattle are on the market a little longer than a few weeks ago. They are taking 7-15 days to show ‘pending.’ A few […]

Reader Question: Where are the modest homes?

A reader who wrote in earlier this month contacted me with a There are SO FEW homes that are 1,500-1,700 square feet (about the square footage I think my family could live in comfortably) that are not split entries (my husband and I find them inefficiently laid out and not very amenable to changes to […]

Advice From an 11-Year Veteran Landlord

I received the following response via email to yesterday’s question about purchasing rental properties. The sender gave me permission to publish it in full, and since it’s so full of great insights, I decided to do just that (with minor edits for readability). I bought a mid-50s vintage 5-plex in North Everett with water views […]

Reader Question: Recommended Reading for Landlords?

I received the following question via email from a reader who wants to learn the ins and outs of rental properties. I am considering purchasing a few rental properties to generate income. I’m trying to weed through all of the books about buying and managing successful rental properties. Can you recommend one (or more?) for […]

Reader Question: Current Challenges for Sellers?

Reader Serafina asked a good question on yesterday’s post: There’s been a lot of discussion on the blog about the buyer’s side — how it might be good to wait until fall, how there are bidding wars, etc. What about the sellers? We are getting ready to sell. Why? We bought in ’99; we’ve got […]

Reader Question: Did I Just Step Into a Shark Tank?

I received the following pair of emails from Seattle Bubble readers in the last few weeks, both describing a similar frustration with today’s housing market in Seattle. They’re a little long, but both worth reading. Here’s the first one: My husband and I are hoping to buy a house sometime this summer in the Shoreline […]

Reader Question: What’s With Off-MLS “Hot Sheets”?

A reader forwarded me this email, which he received from a local real estate agent in his area: Having a hard time finding a house? Here is a list of houses that are investor owned and will be coming on the market soon. Call me for more information and/or a showing appointment! If occupied please […]