Has “Investor Psychology” Turned Against Home Buying?

Here’s a comment that was left recently by a reader that is a good example of an outlook shared by many people who sat out the housing bubble and have been waiting for “the bottom” or something close to it: Any top or bottom call needs to mention “investor” psychology since I believe psychology is […]

Has the Tide Turned Against Home Ownership?

Now seems like as good a time as any to have another look at the “Cycle of Market Emotions”: The Cycle of Market Emotions By my reckoning, in late 2007 we were somewhere between anxiety and denial, and by mid-2010 we were treading water between fear and desperation. Today I suspect we’ve made it to […]

Treading Water Between Fear and Desperation

It’s been quite a while since we had a look at the “Cycle of Market Emotions.” The Cycle of Market Emotions Last time, in late 2007 as prices just began to decline here in the Seattle area, I pegged our location on the curve at somewhere between anxiety and denial. Today I’d guess that we’re […]

The most valuable real estate is that of the mind: bloggers are having an impact.

Note: Once again, if you are looking for data and graphs, this post is not for you. So much could be said about this issue. One of the most fascinating developments to see unfold and the one theme I keep coming back to is how powerful blogging has been in shaping the mind-set of the […]