NPR: Searching for the "New Normal" in the NW Housing Market

I did a phone interview a few weeks ago with Austin Jenkins, an NPR correspondent down in Olympia, about where the local housing market and economy are heading. Here is the resulting story: The New Normal: What Will The NW Housing Market Look Like? The Northwest economy is on the verge of recovery and with […]

Crash Comparisons: Job Losses & Dow Jones

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently posted an alarming chart of job losses that has been making the rounds. What jumps out to me when I look at her chart is the fact that the y-axis shows raw number of jobs rather than a percentage loss, and therefore fails to account for the increased size of […]

Declines in Home Prices & Consumer Spending are GOOD THINGS

I read a great post today over at Behavior Gap (thanks to an email from J.D. @ Get Rich Slowly) that is definitely worth sharing: The Great Reset A recent New York Times headline read: “Consumers Increase Savings While Spending Less” That sounds like a GOOD thing doesn’t it? It used to be that savings […]

Stock Market Crash Historical Comparison Update

I thought it would be interesting to post an update on the stock market crash graph that I first posted back in October. In the chart below I have graphed the crashes of 1929, 1973, 1987, and 2001 alongside the current fall, with the peak points aligned near the left. Each crash is scaled on […]

Weekend News Roundup

Wow, lots of stories in the local papers this weekend about the slow housing market. Too many to post separately, so here’s a roundup of the weekend news. Let me know if I missed anything. Everett Herald: Snohomish County builders slash home prices Mike Pattison just took his own advice and bought a new home […]