Alternative Brokerage Spotlight: Redfin

Full disclosure: The Tim was employed by Redfin, and is currently a shareholder. Read the series intro: Alternative Brokerages Flourishing Around Seattle First up in our in-depth series on alternative brokerages around Seattle is the technology-powered real estate brokerage Redfin. Redfin was started here in Seattle in 2004, and currently serves buyers and sellers in […]

Alternative Brokerages Flourishing Around Seattle

Full disclosure: The Tim was employed by Redfin, and is currently a shareholder. WaLaw Realty and Quill Realty are current advertisers on Seattle Bubble. For some reason, the Seattle area has become home to the cutting edge of real estate. On the technology front, we’re home to Redfin, Estately, Zillow, ActiveRain (a division of Trulia), […]

Sleazy Kirkland Brokerage Rips Off Redfin Design & Code

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but straight up ripping off someone else’s hard work is… something else. The latter describes what Asset Realty Group, a sleazy Kirkland-based brokerage, is clearly guilty of. Let’s take a tour of a shameless rip off, shall we? Home Page The home pages are very similar, but […]

“Shadow Inventory” Conspiracy Theories Are Nonsense

For some reason, a couple weeks ago the Seattle Times website featured a syndicated article about RealtyTrac’s “Vampire REO” nonsense, which in addition to being a completely worthless bit of non-news, was already weeks old when it appeared on the front page of the Seattle Times website. In the comments to the article I did […]

Zillow & Trulia Still Apathetic About Data Quality

As regular readers here may know, after the world’s longest home search, I finally bought a house in May 2011. Specifically, we closed on May 20, 2011 and paid $224,950. Last week I happened to pull up my home on Zillow, and was greeted with an interesting surprise. According to Zillow, I purchased my home […]

Sale Prices Plateau as Listings Keep Tanking

It’s been a while since I posted an update of my charts based on the stats from Redfin’s King County region page, so let’s take a look at those. First up the median list and sale prices per square foot. Note that the list price below includes all homes on the market, whether or not […]