Sleazy Kirkland Brokerage Rips Off Redfin Design & Code

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but straight up ripping off someone else’s hard work is… something else. The latter describes what Asset Realty Group, a sleazy Kirkland-based brokerage, is clearly guilty of.

Let’s take a tour of a shameless rip off, shall we?

Home Page

Redfin vs. Asset Realty Home Pages

The home pages are very similar, but not so identical as to arouse too much suspicion. After all, Redfin, Zillow, and Trulia all have very similarly laid out home pages. Dig a little deeper though, and the all-out copying becomes evident.

Listing Page

Redfin vs. Asset Realty Listing Pages

Identical layout, same horizontal table of contents with a moving arrow that marks your place in the page, literally identical default avatars (far upper-right). They even duplicated the agent’s left-hand-on-the-hip pose! Speaking of the agents…

Agent Page

Redfin vs. Asset Realty Agent Pages

Here’s where it gets really ridiculous. Not only is the Asset Realty Group agent page a total rip off of Redfin’s agent page, but when you view the page source, you’ll find 54 instances of “Redfin” still in the code. They literally copied and pasted large amounts of Redfin code and didn’t even bother to do a find and replace.

Asset Realty code stolen from Redfin

According to the Internet Archive, this shameless clone version of their site appeared some time between October and early February. So far there appears to have been no repercussions.

At the very least, there should be a very large fine in store for them from the NWMLS. If instead, the NWMLS chooses to sit on their hands and do nothing, here’s the message is the NWMLS sending to it’s members: Write about another brokerage’s listings, get a $50,000 fine and a threat of your listing feed being cut off. Completely clone another brokerage’s website, literally copying and pasting their code as well as at least some of their image assets… hey no problem, go for it!

Apparently sleazy tactics are nothing new for Asset Realty Group, wholesale website copying is just their latest scam. Here’s a sampling of Asset Realty Group reviews on Yelp:

After we took our house off the market, i started receiving numerous phone calls from this service, despite me asking them not to call again. Their representative was rude and pushy. Phone spam.

Every time my house goes off the market I get a call from this company. Sometimes they leave messages. Today they did not. I’ve asked them in the past not to call me, my number is listed in the ‘Do Not Call Registry’ yet they continue to call.

I too listed a property in Washington on the MLS and after removing it have been hounded by calls from this company.

I have no doubt that Asset Realty Group is a dues-paying member, but the NWMLS is not doing themselves or the rest of their membership any good by allowing brokerages that engage in sleazy, unethical, bottom-feeding tactics like these to remain part of their organization.

Full disclosure: The Tim is currently a Redfin shareholder. This content is not endorsed by Redfin.

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About The Tim

Tim Ellis is the founder of Seattle Bubble. His background in engineering and computer / internet technology, a fondness of data-based analysis of problems, and an addiction to spreadsheets all influence his perspective on the Seattle-area real estate market. Tim also hosts the weekly improv comedy sci-fi podcast Dispatches from the Multiverse.


  1. 1

    I think it’s a real stretch to think this would be a NWMLS issue. Although the NWMLS sometimes interprets the wording of their rules differently than I would, , they do need to have a rule that in someway purports to cover this sort of thing. I don’t believe that they do. They do have a rule which covers photos, because the photos that appear in an agent’s listings get republished by the NWMLS, so copyright is an issue. But this is a third party site.

    If these agents stole photos from prior listings and used them only on their own site as supplements to the photos submitted to the NWMLS, and not on their NWMLS listing, I don’t think the NWMLS could do anything about that. If they used them on their NWMLS listing, the NWMLS could do something. I see the same issue here.

    Now what I do see as a possible rule violation is that listing example you gave, Redfin clearly shows the listing brokerage information. Maybe I’m missing it, but I’m not seeing that information in the other site’s listing. That I believe would be a rule violation.

    Finally, I would add that the sleazy entity might be the one the firm hired to create their webpage.

  2. 2
    ray pepper says:

    The NWMLS is laughing at this one in the back offices. Red Fin has been a thorn in their side for so many years with incessant complaints from other Agents. How much has Red Fin racked up in fines since inception? How many complaints? I’m certain they are number 1 on complaints over the last decade.

    If there is a problem with the cloning of RedFin site then RF should sue them. The NWMLS will not be the Sheriff in this one. Nor should they be! Go Asset Realty Group or whoever you are. If Redfin didn’t protect any of their property rights from infringement then good night Irene!!!

  3. 3
    ray pepper says:

    “Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but straight up ripping off someone else’s hard work is”

    I always question the hard work statement when I hear it. I assume Asset Realty Group worked hard in replicating RF work. I also assume the “hard work” conducted at Red Fin to develop their site involved employees who were PAID for their hardwork. The employees were PAID for their hard work by Venture Capital partners who also did HARD WORK to earn the money to pay the Red Fin employees. It goes on and on. We all work hard.

    Maybe its time RF pays some hard working attornies to seek some $$ and prove damage to the company. They wont have a prayer because another Asset Realty Group is on the way to do the very same thing.

    ***. Remember Tim. Business 101 **** If you don’t or can’t protect what you have then you have nothing.

  4. 4
    The Tim says:

    RE: ray pepper @ 3 – We get it, Ray. You don’t like Redfin. As for attorneys and lawsuits, well I don’t know since I don’t work there anymore, but I would guess that Redfin’s in-house legal team is already all over it. I just thought that something this flagrantly unethical deserved a good public shaming.

  5. 5
    ray pepper says:

    wrong Tim. I love Red Fin. I love MLS for owners. I love Shop Prop. I love Findwell, Amazon, Priceline, on and on. Any company that offers a choice for the consumer at a competitive price is a thumbs up in my book.

    What I dont like are cry babies. The bleeders who complain that life isnt fair. The 40,000 employees crying because Radio Shack is toast. The ones who don’t plan ahead because they never saw it coming. Red Fin never saw this coming? Radio Shack never saw this coming?

    Defend yourself RedFin. If you actually have something worth defending.

  6. 6
    The Tim says:

    RE: ray pepper @ 5 – Again, I’d like to remind you that I am in no way speaking on Redfin’s behalf. I did not consult with them in any way on this post. I just saw the clone and decided to write about it. I have no doubt that they are defending themselves, they’re just doing it without raising a ruckus.

  7. 7

    RE: Kary L. Krismer @ 1

    When an Author Completes a Book

    And mails it to his agent or even a publisher….the savvy author also mails the same manuscript in a sealed envelope for his attorney’s records.

    Perhaps REDFIN needs a similar process and assuming it already has legal staff, it will give them some cases to possibly bring to court in the future….

  8. 8
  9. 9
    joedirt says:

    They should have copied zillow. Redfin’s code runs too slow for me, so I don’t use the site.

  10. 10
    Erik says:

    RE: ray pepper @ 5
    I just realized why I like your comments. You don’t like cry babies that get beat. I think we share that viewpoint. Those cry babies need to make better decisions or become more competitive as opposed to whining because someone was smart enough to ride the hampster wheel or copy redfins format. If they get by with it, they are the smarter competitor.

    Doesn’t seem sleazy or unethical to me. Good for them if they can get by with it. Redfin hasn’t really improved much in a longtime. Maybe this will force them to further improve.

  11. 11

    RE: softwarengineer @ 7 – I’m not saying Redfin doesn’t have a remedy. I’m just saying I doubt the NWMLS is the source of that remedy (although as noted, the NMWLS might have its own issues with the site).

    When you have an issue with a firm or agent you might be able to complain to:

    1. The Department of Licensing.
    2. The NWMLS.
    3. The local Realtor organization (assuming the firm/agent is a member.
    4. A court.

    There may be others, but where you complain depends on the issue. For the issue Tim raised I would think the most likely proper place to complain would be a Realtor organization and/or a court.

  12. 12

    RE: Erik @ 10RE: joedirt @ 9 – Joedirt, I wasn’t aware anyone preferred Zillow for anything. But hopefully you’re aware that looking for listings on Zillow is not a good idea because they have only a portion of the listings and many of the listings they do have are stale (already sold).

    Erik, there’s no way copying a website is a smart decision, assuming that is what was done. The legal ramifications of that could be rather severe. In a slightly different context, look at the judgment against Samsung for creating a rectangular phone with rounded corners!

  13. 13
    Greg Glockner says:

    Tim’s screenshots show that they flagrantly copied source code from the Redfin website. I am not a lawyer, but that clearly looks like a copyright violation to me. If so, Redfin should have legal options.

  14. 14
    joedirt says:

    RE: Kary L. Krismer @ 12

    Kary, are you saying zillow randomly drops some listings or intentionally blocks some? The only thing I’ve noticed is that it isn’t as quick as some other sites in adding new listings to the data base.

  15. 15

    RE: joedirt @ 14 – They don’t have a direct feed to all the firms’ listings from the NWMLS. So it’s up to the individual firm and or agent to get their listings posted on the non-broker sites. Some agents don’t bother and of the ones that do, some don’t remember to change price or status when they change the listing.

    Tim has covered this topic in the past:

    (Edit: maybe that’s a different topic.)

  16. 16
    boater says:

    I’ve been contacted by these guys every time one if my properties goes off the market. They’re annoying and semi slimy.

    You know they probably hired a cheap web designer and told them they wanted their site to look like Redfin. They got what they asked for at the price they wanted. Now we’ll see how much it costs them.

  17. 17
    joedirt says:

    RE: Kary L. Krismer @ 15


  18. 18
    Jessica says:

    Exceptional journalism! Digging into the truth.

  19. 19
    Erik says:

    RE: Kary L. Krismer @ 12
    If they can find a legal loophole, it is a good idea for them. They probably should have copied Redfin, but made a few additional variations to make it less obvious. My guess is nothing will happen or they will just have to make some specific modifications. Either way, my guess is they come out ahead.

  20. 20

    I’m glad you wrote up this blog post, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

    Who is right and who is wrong is for the courts to decide but it isn’t looking good for Asset is it?

    It’s a competitive industry, I have had many brokerages and individual agents steal content from my real estate websites over the years and try to pass them off as their own. I pursue every single one of them and expect Redfin will too.

    Just a few real estate industry clarifications you and your readers may want to consider.

    1. Calling expired listings is not a sleazy way to do business. Although the DNC should be respected, the owner of an expired listing is clearly someone who wants to sell their home. If you are not on the DNC and your listing fails to sell, expect to be called by other brokers. Aggressive yes, sleazy no. Want to avoid expiring? Hire a strong agent who will sit at your kitchen table and tell you what you need to hear, not what you want them to tell you.

    2. As Kary correctly pointed out, Zillow is not a reliable source of listing information. They do not have access to an idx feed from the NWMLS that I am aware of. This means they only receive some of the listings. If you are looking for a home, use a Realtors website or better yet use a Realtor as a buyers agent and let them do the work for you. We all share the same idx feed and have all the listings that are allowed to be posted on the Internet. Doesn’t matter if its a big brokerage or a small one, if they belong to the NWMLS, they have access to the idx feed.

  21. 21
    Erik says:

    2960 homes for sale in king county today. I think we are at a new all time low. Told ya so. You heard it first here folks. I can refresh your memories when I get home with the link to our comments. Whatsmyname agreed with me, but most people agreed with Tim’s curve that showed inventory continuously increasing. Seemed pretty illogical to me, but to most commenters on here, it made perfect sense.

  22. 22
    doug says:

    RE: The Tim @ 6

    Did you call melissa canfield and tell her you were going to put her face on a negative story on your lousy website . Melissa is really a nice person and I know her as she has helped purchasing real estate. This is really unfair to her as it paints a unfair picture of her. Melissa may or may not work for a sleazy company but seattle bubble does in fact now owe her an apology……

    Redfin has a lousy website and so does seattle bubble that is ever since the realtors came on telling everyone that “its a great time to buy” when in fact its not.

  23. 23
    ray pepper says:

    Tell us more about Melissa and how nice she is. What did she help you buy? How did she assist ? If you tell us she will most likely get ALOT of business. Seattle Bubble made me personally very rich and Melissa has a chance now to be the same!!!

    Tell us about Melissa!!!!

  24. 24
    One Eyed Man says:

    I don’t know who owns the code for Redfin’s website. For that matter, I don’t know much about software or the related intellectual property law issues at all, but the intellectual property in issue might even be in the public domain for all I know. Isn’t a lot of mundane software just pieced together using subroutines in the public domain? But if Redfin owns it, it would look like Lucy has some splaining to do, both to Redfin for copyright violation and probably to the Dept of Licensing for potential violations of license law related to moral turpitude, etc.

    Nevertheless, even if Asset’s site is purely public domain stuff, a website hack job of public domain material takes a little shine off the high tech apple (apparently with a very small “a” in this case) especially if you consider yourself to be a cutting edge real estate tech company. As the clips below show, Asset is very proud of their software development capabilities.

    The apparent use of Redfin’s website code has to make one wonder if their software is a little less innovative than they might want us to believe? But I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt if their magic code can find me that million dollar home for 500K that they talk (humorously) about in the first video clip. I hate to unnecessarily pull a “Good Will Hunting” and call a Michael Bolton clone “unoriginal” but isn’t computer valuation Zillow’s somewhat less than reliable magic trick, along with a host of other companies at this point? In any event, I’d rather do what little I can to make this a better world than just be negative so maybe we should all help out by calling in for that million dollar home so their call center people don’t have to keep redialing expired listings on the “do not call” list.

  25. 25
    The Tim says:

    RE: doug @ 22 – I didn’t say a single thing, good or bad, about the agents themselves in the post. I pointed out the unethical copying the brokerage is doing with their website. That a certain agent happens to appear in a given screenshot of the shameless clone site is inconsequential, and it’s really a stretch to interpret that as some sort of condemnation of the agent.

  26. 26
    wreckingbull says:

    By Erik @ 19:

    RE: Kary L. Krismer @ 12
    If they can find a legal loophole, it is a good idea for them. They probably should have copied Redfin, but made a few additional variations to make it less obvious. My guess is nothing will happen or they will just have to make some specific modifications. Either way, my guess is they come out ahead.

    After seeing some of your comments, you make me want to fly Airbus exclusively. I sure hope someone was fixing your work behind you.

  27. 27
    Blurtman says:

    Barriers to entry. It’s like Quiznos not planning for Subway to also offer toasted sandwiches. Who could have seen that coming?

  28. 28
    Joe Dickerson says:

    Asset Realty is a complete joke. Who ever is thinking of using them don’t! I inquired on a property a couple of weeks ago and requested an agent contact me so I can put an offer on a 7 figure listing of there’s. I did not receive any communication from Asset. Oh well their loss! My friends who have had their homes on the market get harassed by this slimy company all the time and tell the slimy sales person to please take them off the call list. It is just a matter of time before this company gets shut down!!!

  29. 29
    Jay says:

    RE: One Eyed Man @ 24 – Redfin doesn’t help or want to help you buy a cheap house. From my own experience, the agents all said bad things about the cheaper houses (less than $450,000) during the tours. But for anything over $450,000, they would try to encourage you to make an offer. The field agents are basically key openers who are totally ignorant, and don’t give you any feedback or advice during the tours.

    Redfin says that they refund you 1/3 of the commission, but they want you to buy a 1/3 more expensive house than your original budget. They have a super slow website, hire clueless field agents, and don’t even negotiate for you as much as traditional agents. Redfin is horrible for first time home buyers!

    David Losh was right, Redfin sucks!

  30. 30
    ray pepper says:

    unfortunately with RedFin just giving pennies back now to the Buyer and Zip and Findwell giving squat, Buyers are far better off negotiating their commission with a brick and mortar agent. Find an Agent you like and tell them..”I will find my house, you open the doors, write my offer, and lets split it 50/50…” or something along those lines. There are ALOT of agents that will chomp at this bit…They will remind you they get taxed on the total so be sympathetic….They should surely have more experience then a Red Fin Agent and if they start getting cranky with you remind them…”HEY….Your getting 5800.00 (or whatever) and you have only worked 13 hours”…That’s over 400.00 an hour!!!…..That should set them straight!

    Keep utilizing all the *Free* Red Fin tools (or should I say Asset Realty Group’s) and Remember Buyers, the 3% (or a large portion of it) can be yours. You just need to ask for it.

  31. 31
    boater says:

    RE: Brett Tousley @ 20
    Calling an expired listing isn’t necessarily necessarily sleezy. Its all in the during the call tactics used to try to gain your business that determines whether it’s sleezy or not.

    Oh an if a seller wants more than the market will bear for their home they’re not wrong. They just aren’t going to get a sale. I’ve kept homes because the sale price wouldn’t make sense based on the income I’m getting currently.

    And ok Rays comment I prefer to negotiate a flat fee for doing the paperwork and key entry with the understanding that they will need to do very few key entries.

  32. 32
    Erik says:

    RE: wreckingbull @ 26
    They were checking my work. I will admit that my comments have been a little lower quality recently. Not real well thought out. I know nothing about this computer code garbage nor do I care. I just wanted to comment on a subject I knew nothing about. That said, I wanted to remind you that I called the inventory thing when everyone else was subscribing to Tim’s post. Here is the post below to refresh your memory.

    You happened to not give me a lashing that day, but it turned out that I was right. This is what keeps me posting daily.

    Marc said this”I’ll put good money on inventory increasing and following a path along the lines of Tim’s projection through the rest of this year with Q4 being YOY positive.”

    You were wrong Marc! I am unemployed now and I could use the money. Come back Marc. Did you leave because I embarrassed you?

  33. 33
    Erik says:

    RE: wreckingbull @ 26

  34. 34

    Two things

    First, the idea of trying to determine the quality of the agent by their firm association is rather naive. There are good and bad agents with virtually every firm, unless that firm has only one agent. That’s also true of collections of doctors, lawyers and probably every other type of professional.

    Second, boater is right that a lot of agents call expired listings. Again probably some agents from every firm call expired listings–it’s a fairly common practice. If the seller was unreasonable for the first listing they’re less likely to be unreasonable the during second listing and even less unlikely to be unreasonable the third listing. Agents like being second or third when it comes to an unreasonable seller. But you all are missing something. The prior listing agent can do things to keep those calls from happening. If a seller is getting calls, that’s not the fault of the agents calling them!

    RE: One Eyed Man @ 24 – And a third thing. Good find on those videos! For those that didn’t watch they clearly take credit for creating their software. I had to laugh at the first one where they claim you can find undervalued property using their software. That’s the flip side of something like Zillow Zestimates, and it doesn’t work any better in reverse. But in any case, most of the undervalued property is likely the result of the listing agent improperly entering the listing data, and the property languishing because of that. So maybe their software looks at CDOM! ;-)

  35. 35
    SaffyThePook says:

    RE: Erik @ 21
    Eric, I can’t wait for you to graduate and get your education in the real world.

  36. 36
    Marc says:

    RE: Erik @ 32 – I have no problem admitting when I am wrong but was I?

    If you go back to that chart from July and compare it to how things played out (per the link below) you’ll see that Tim’s hypothetical line was spot on through August. And September beat August but not by nearly as much as Tim’s line predicted.

    My prediction at the time was “inventory increasing and following a path along the lines of Tim’s projection through the rest of this year with Q4 being YOY positive.” Inventory did follow that path and judging by the title of Tim’s post and the inventory chart therein, 4Q 2013 inventory was higher than 4Q 2012.

    Or am I mistaken?

  37. 37
    Marc says:

    RE: Marc @ 36 – Not to mention the fact that you didn’t accept my bet. Does that work for you when you go to Vegas?

    “Um, excuse me, I knew the ball was going to land on 32 black. I was going to put a $100 on it so I’ll take my $3,500 please. I could really use it right about now.”

  38. 38

    For the good of the order:

    The Nat’l Assoc of Realtors Code of Ethics
    Standard of Practice 12-10

    “REALTORS®’ obligation to present a true picture in their advertising and representations to the public includes Internet content posted, and the URLs and domain names they use, and prohibits REALTORS® from:

    engaging in deceptive or unauthorized framing of real estate brokerage websites;
    manipulating (e.g., presenting content developed by others) listing and other content in any way that produces a deceptive or misleading result;

    deceptively using metatags, keywords or other devices/methods to direct, drive, or divert Internet traffic; or

    presenting content developed by others without either attribution or without permission, or
    to otherwise mislead consumers.”

  39. 39
    Shoeguy says:

    Hey, when the housing market turns into a feeding frenzy, you can’t blame other piranhas from swimming into the waters.

  40. 40

    I have no personal experience with Asset Realty one way or the other. But I have noticed that they advertise a lot of houses on craigslist. They are not the listing agent for these houses, they supposedly get the permission of the listing agents to advertise these homes. They’re really trying to attract buyers. But you can’t really tell from the ads until you look closely, and then there’s a disclaimer in smaller print that they’re not the listing agent, and are advertising the place with permission. Legal? Absolutely. A little misleading? I’m not one to judge:)

  41. 41

    you state – “At the very least, there should be a very large fine in store for them from the NWMLS. If instead, the NWMLS chooses to sit on their hands and do nothing, here’s the message is the NWMLS sending to it’s members: Write about another brokerage’s listings, get a $50,000 fine and a threat of your listing feed being cut off. Completely clone another brokerage’s website, literally copying and pasting their code as well as at least some of their image assets… hey no problem, go for it!”

    The MLS does not police websites for this type of issue they are not the place the complaint should be filed – it should be the actual association or a court of law. There is no violation of the actual MLS policy which is how the data of MLS is displayed… this is a copyright issue or intellectual property issue…

  42. 42
    Azucar says:

    By Erik @ 32:

    RE: wreckingbull @ 26
    …I will admit that my comments have been a little lower quality recently. Not real well thought out. I know nothing…

    Don’t sell your earlier comments short. They were equally low quality to your recent ones, and seemed to have been just as poorly thought out. Maybe you’ve just noticed recently because you have more experience. So I guess that’s good news, eh?

  43. 43
    jack says:

    RE: joedirt @ 9

    I agree with Redfin having lousy code. Worse still they know it and refuse to be bothered fixing it.
    Redfin sucks on IE, it sucks completely on touch screens, and their answer is to tell the user to buy a different brand OS.

    I say, when you are going to get a sale commission the least you can do is try to write code to standards and not to suit your fav OS…

  44. 44
    Bill_Collector says:

    RE: doug @ 22
    Just another lame journalist/writer struggling for coverage. Find out who his friends are and Im sure that there is a RedFin agent there somewhere. Pretty unfair to the agent Melissa to be portayed in that manner.

  45. 45
    The Tim says:

    RE: Bill_Collector @ 44 – No need to dig around. I state my association with Redfin right in the post: “Full disclosure: The Tim is currently a Redfin shareholder.”

    As for “struggling for coverage,” that is amusing. I saw something going on that was ridiculous, unethical, and relates to Seattle real estate, so I wrote about it. Simple as that.

    Once again, I never said anything about any agents. The post is exclusively about the actions of the brokerage, Asset Realty Group, in shamelessly ripping off another brokerage’s hard work.

  46. 46
    ex assit agent says:

    I just left Asset for many reason. I will say that Chad clearly stated that he thought REDFIN had the best web site and was going to copy it as closely as possible. Be bragged about making the Asset web site as close to REDFIN as he could at company meetings and new hire training for months. But that said this is not a NWMLS issue in any way. Also the Calling on expired listings is a long honored main stay of ALL agents. Also the DNC list does not really apply to this. You had a listing and that contact info is available to all NWMLS agents. You GAVE the info to them. You can not go back and say DNC latter. I do not call if you ask me not to but many will just call you once a month until you sell the home or they get tired of calling you. Not the best way to do business. Oh so which of the posters above is really chad.

  47. 47
    Ex Agent says:

    I’m also an ex agent that used to work for this company but left a few months ago for that same exact reason. I couldn’t agree more with what the individual above me said. ARG is only for brand new agents that don’t know any better you will never see or hear a successful Realtors joining that company it’s usually brand new agents that just got their license.

  48. 48
    Nadamas (Former Asset) says:

    1. This is not an MLS issue.
    2. Asset Really was innovative 8 years ago
    3. There are some good people at Asset
    4. There are so many unethical things that I have seen occur I amazed they remain in business.
    5. Asset may win the prize for most MLS violations
    6. The are a row boat with a big hole in the bottom. They are constantly hiring new agents and recruiting a few seasoned ones. But they loose them as fast at they hire them.
    7. They walk a very fine line with regard to the independent contractor / employee line. Or maybe they cross it all the time.
    8. I have seen countless examples of complete lack of integrity from Chad Story the owner.

    So when you show clear evidence that Asset copied the exact code from RedFin – I would say I am totally not surprised. Web sites are a not that complicated anymore. Real Estate happens on the ground with people anyway. All the information that used to be hard to get is now public and readily available.

    Last note here is that discount brokerages are just that discount brokerages. They should be discounted. You get what you pay for and there is no substitute for integrity, due diligence, client service or good communication.

    Cheers. :)

  49. 49
    Susan Grantham says:

    Asset Realty Group ‘s owner Chad Storey is a dishonest person. The department of Real Estate and DOL should be removing his license. The amount of fraud committed by him is unimaginable. The men belongs in prison. He has removed himself as the owner/ Broker in fear of this happening and hopefully the DOL will see thru this dishonesty and shut him down. What a disgrace to the industry.

  50. 50
    Useto Work says:

    Susan, thanks for your great comments about Chad. He is a complete sore of the industry. I watched him do so many illegal things during my stay at ARG. He is beyond self centered and arrogant. He is also a creeper. I am surprised he still has a license. I would love to see ARG sink deeply into the Puget Sound. I also pity the guy. He is oblivious to his impact on people or to the environment that he creates.

    Anyway – I always laugh and cringe when his name comes up. I am so happy to see ARG in the rear view mirror!!

  51. 51
    Tahoma Doyon says:

    First off just plain out calling a brokerage sleazy for copying a website layout (which is legal) in my opinion makes the author and article look unprofessional. This does seem to be a debate topic and I want to chime in. Anyone can pay NWMLS for IDX feeds which is the raw data feed of all the listings. You can display it how you want. For example this website probably has hundreds if not thousands of other websites with the exact same template. Is that wrong or illegal? NO. Further more, if you don’t want people to take your layout use server side scripting. HTML output is for everyone to see and thus use if they want to.

    The rest of the rants on here have nothing to do with the article topic. I don’t work for either Red Fin or Asset but it seems to me talking bad about them only makes you look like a fool. Thanks Tim for showing us your true colors, I like how you chose a childhood picture as your profile.

  52. 52
    The Tim says:

    By Tahoma Doyon @ 51:

    For example this website probably has hundreds if not thousands of other websites with the exact same template. Is that wrong or illegal? NO. Further more, if you don’t want people to take your layout use server side scripting. HTML output is for everyone to see and thus use if they want to.

    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

  53. 53

    Might be worth revisiting this topic. The firm is now apparently a Century 21 franchisee. I wonder if anything else changed?

  54. 54

    By Tahoma Doyon @ 51:

    For example this website probably has hundreds if not thousands of other websites with the exact same template. Is that wrong or illegal? .

    I don’t know whether Tim has to pay for this layout, and if so whether he did, but seemingly using this layout is something that was intended by its creator. I really doubt that Redfin had the same intent when they designed their site.

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