At Least Two Thirds of King County Listings are “Stale”

One of the complaints that I have heard frequently from people looking to buy in today’s market is that despite the near-record number of listings on the market today, much of what is on the market is inventory that has been sitting for months. That sounds like an invitation for a chart. In the chart […]

Total Delistings by Year: 2001-2008

On last Friday’s delistings update post, a reader requested that I provide a view of the data showing cumulative year-long numbers. So, here it is: What stands out to me is how relatively stable the number of new listings has been through the past eight years, varying less than 20% from the lowest year (2008) […]

Delistings on the Decline

Yesterday’s conversation in the comments touched a little bit on homes that are being delisted (taken off the market without selling), so now seems like a good time to post another update to the listings and sales breakdown chart. Below is the breakdown of homes on the market and homes that went off the market […]

Fourth Quarter Sales in the Gutter, Delistings Stable

Let’s take a look at 2008’s fourth quarter closed sales volume for King County: That’s a drop of 31% from 2007, and also 31% from the previous quarter. The “usual” drop from Q3 to Q4 is 10-20%. At this point, I really don’t think sales have much further to drop. They’re practically as low as […]

Delistings Stabilized in November

Here’s the breakdown of homes on the market and homes that went off the market last month in King County (SFH only). While the number of delistings had been dramatically increasing year-over-year earlier since June last year—even reaching 200% YOY in April—the rapid growth seems to have leveled off, with November’s 1,758 delistings nearly matching […]

Another Angle on Recent Sales and Listings

While we wait for November sales statistics from the NWMLS, let’s take a look at a couple more charts of sales from the last few months to round out the big picture of what’s going on with local home sales. First up, here’s a look at the total closed sales by quarter, for every quarter […]

Thousands of Sellers Gave Up in June

Those of you that have been following King County inventory may have noticed something a little odd about June’s official end-of-month inventory count from the NWMLS. While the number of listings appearing on local home search sites seemed to indicate that June’s inventory would be a few hundred higher than May, the NWMLS statistics for […]