Seattle Rents Predicted To Climb

Looks like at least some people are finally cluing in to the fact that jumping on the home ownership bandwagon might not be the best financial proposal out there and they’re better off renting. After several years of flat rents and high vacancies, the local apartment market is tightening, thanks to folks like Seattleite Matt […]

Perplexing March Reporting

Let’s take a look at our friend Elizabeth Rhodes’ more lengthy article in today’s Seattle Times, where she paints a picture of a Seattle area real estate market that is still super-hot and doesn’t know the meaning of slowdown. I usually try to limit article quotes to just a few paragraphs but this one has […]


Times’ Report Not Consistent With Figures

I could be missing something here, but yesterday’s blurb in the Seattle Times about the March sales figures seems to me to be blatantly misrepresenting the facts. Western Washington home prices continued to climb last month as 17 of 20 counties reported price increases of 20 percent or more compared with a year earlier. That’s […]


Dumpy ‘Hoods & "Risky" Plots = Cheap!

Two local architects take a look at ways to reduce the costs of new home development, and suggest a number of interesting methods. [Columnist Larry] Cheek takes the $380,000 median-price figure for a house in King County, which includes new and existing stock, and wants that to be a model for all new single-family construction […]


Buyers Not Buying Thanks To… Football?

It’s that time of the month again, when the MLS numbers from the previous month hit the streets and all our beloved local papers rush to press with nearly-identical stories “analyzing” said numbers. The Times, P-I, News-Tribune, Herald, King County Journal, The Olympian, and yea verily even the Puget Sound Business Journal all piped in […]


King County Appreciation "Middling"

More evidence that King County is nearing the top of its market comes this weekend from a report that places King County’s appreciation in the bottom third of 15 counties across Western Washington. Fueled by bidding wars and a shortage of houses for sale, King County’s single-family home prices shot up 15.43 percent last year, […]


Excess Climbs High In Bellevue

Forget $200k for 500ft². Coming in 2008 to downtown Bellevue: $400k for 700ft² (that’s $571/ft² for you math whizzes out there). A longtime cornerstone of downtown Bellevue, the old Puget Sound Energy headquarters, is coming down this week to make way for twin condominium towers the developer anticipates will be one of the region’s most […]