Press Optimism Beginning To Fade?

With the lull that has set in on housing this winter in the Seattle area, the news reports about the dead time are almost more interesting than the housing news itself. For example, take the four stories in today’s papers about December’s housing numbers. Here are the headlines: Housing prices keep rising as sales slow […]

November: Home Prices Keep Rising — Sortof

November numbers were released today by the Northwest Multiple Listing Service. You can check out the raw numbers here in PDF format, or you’ve got your pick of four local papers and their commentary on what the numbers “mean”: Much like the movie “Groundhog Day,” the latest news on local home sales may sound like […]


First-Time Buyers Come Up Short In Seattle

Thanks again to a faithful reader for pointing out an article that slipped under my radar during the holiday. The Seattle Times reports on the growing costs of housing in the Seattle area, and how many people are being priced out of the market: Despite earning wages higher than the national average, Seattle-area buyers increasingly […]


Realtors See "Softer, But Still Bouyant" Market

How about one more take on those October figures? This time let’s throw in a bit of anecdotal evidence from realtors while we’re at it, courtesy of the Seattle Times. Puget Sound-area home sales and prices remain strong, according to the latest statistics, but anecdotally, real-estate agents say the usual fall slowdown is well under […]


More Takes On September Figures

The usual suspects have chimed in this morning with their detailed stories (as well as graphs, figures, and photographs) reacting to the September sales figures. Elizabeth Rhodes in the Times: For the third straight month, there were more sales but fewer homes to choose from in King and Snohomish counties, compared with the same period […]


Confusing Conflicting "Experts"

The Seattle Times last month followed up on the Forbes report ranking Seattle as the most overpriced city with a report on the many conflicting opinions about the Seattle real estate market. Veteran Seattle real-estate agent Don Henry is certain the rapid run-up in home prices has put Seattle into bubble territory. “There are just […]


25% Fewer Listings Than July 2004

Though the real estate market here is a lot hotter than the weather, there is one problem for anyone wanting a piece of the action: Lack of available homes for sale. Of course, that’s also part of the cause for the still-skyrocketing prices. Supply and demand, you know. In King County last month, the number […]