"The Market is Returning to Normal"

Now that the NWMLS numbers have been released, let’s check in with our favorite bubble-fighting dynamic duo, Rhodes & Cohen. If you were expecting them to cheer on the inexplicable increase in prices, you will not be disappointed. This month’s unified message: Prices are up, but now is the time to buy! From Ms. Rhodes’ […]

Elizabeth Rhodes: Master Of Misdirection

Wow, Elizabeth Rhodes is on a real anti-bubble roll this weekend. Did one of you submit this letter to her “Home Forum” Q & A? Q: I keep reading that home prices aren’t expected to decline in the Seattle area. Aren’t you overlooking the possible effect of “suicide loans” — those adjustable-rate mortgages that are […]

Prices Slowing, "But Not Here"

You may have seen the generic story in the news yesterday about home prices finally slowing down. What you may not have noticed was that the Seattle Times reprinted the story from Bloomberg News and added their own little gloating bit to it. Home prices fall in some U.S. cities, but not here Home prices […]

"Home Prices To Climb Substantially"

Here’s another gem from Ms. Rhodes of the Times: Q: We bought our house in 1996 for the same price as the sellers who bought it in 1990. We’d like to buy another house, but are hesitating for fear we’re about to enter another zero-appreciation cycle. Are conditions right for that to happen? A: Let’s […]

Economy-watcher: "Yes and No" Seattle Bubble

Here’s yet another blue-sky prediction for 2006 that takes the “our prices haven’t risen as fast/much as other areas, so therefore we’re not in a bubble” angle: Economy-watcher Michael Parks suggests that people worried about a housing bubble in the Puget Sound region get a little perspective. Sure, house prices have climbed a healthy 14.5 […]

Seattle Not in a Bubble?

An article in the Seattle Times titled Housing market sizzles, shows no sign of bubble would perhaps have more appropriately been titled “Housing bubble sizzles, shows no sign of popping,” in my opinion. Despite conjecture that the local housing market is a high-priced bubble ready to burst, key signs of weakening are nowhere to be […]