Top 30 Cities: Price to Rent & Price to Income Ratios (2011)

By request, here’s an update to my table of housing stats for the top 30 largest cities in the country. Actually this time it’s the top 31, since Las Vegas got ousted from #30 by Oklahoma City the last time I did this list (in late 2010). Also of note: Detroit’s ongoing dramatic decline in […]

Seattle Population, Kids, & Ownership vs. Top 100 Cities

Some of us were talking a few weeks ago about how important schools are to buyers in the Seattle area relative to other cities and what percentage of families here have children. I decided to pull that data as well as some additional population and home ownership data on each of the 100 largest cities […]

Top 30 Cities: Price to Rent & Price to Income Ratios

As something of a follow-up to September’s Big Picture Week, I thought I would post another update to the multi-city price metrics table. This time I figured I would expand the list to the top 30 so DC, Vegas, and Portland wouldn’t feel left out. Data is current as of August 2010. Previous posts covered […]

Top 25 Cities: Price to Rent and Price to Income Ratios

J.D. Roth over at Get Rich Slowly put up a post Wednesday about renting vs. buying, sort of a follow-up to my 2007 post over there. In it, he said that he couldn’t find any info on current price-to-rent ratios around the country, so I thought I would update the list I put up back […]

Housing Stats: Seattle vs. Other Big Cities

Building on the data that was presented yesterday, here’s a sortable table of some more detailed housing stats for the 25 largest US cities by population. Included below are population, density, median sale price, median price per square foot, median rent, median household income, median list price, and some ratios of sale prices to rents […]

List Prices: Seattle vs. Other Large Cities

Admittedly, yesterday’s post comparing home prices in Seattle to a remote location in Wisconsin really wasn’t fair. Granted, it was posted more for humor than for serious consideration, but there are certainly better comparisons that we could have made. So what would be more fair? How about if we take the top 25 cities in […]