Will a No Vote on Prop. 1 “Keep Seattle Affordable”?

This is rich. I spotted the ad at right this morning. I laughed out loud when I read it. Specifically the first word there: “keep.” If you’re not wealthy, Seattle is already unaffordable by nearly any metric. Rents are soaring, home prices are hitting new all-time highs, and inventory of both rentals and for-sale homes […]

How Will Ubiquitous Freeway Tolls Affect Home Prices?

With tolls of $1 to $5 per crossing coming to a floating bridge near you in less than a year and local governments planning to add tolls to every freeway as early as 2030, now is a good time to think about how adding such per-use fees to our freeways might affect the home prices […]

Beating a Dead Horse: Gas Prices

I realized we have beat the subject to death with a pair of posts and this week’s poll, but I had to at least point out a Rhodes piece in today’s Seattle Times on the issue of gas prices and home buying patterns: Will gas prices drive homebuyers away from suburbs? The article starts off […]

Will High Gas Prices Save Close-in Neighborhoods?

In a discussion last month where we discussed the relationship between gas prices and home purchase decisions, I made the following assertion: …mathematically the decision to move closer just because of higher gas prices doesn’t really make sense. In the last few days I’ve run across a few news articles that again make the contrary […]