King County Home Prices & Affordability 1950 – Q2 2012

A reader pointed out to me this week that it has been three years since I updated the long-term chart of King County home prices back to 1950. So, by request, here is an update to that chart as of May, along with the affordability index over the same time period. In the first quarter […]

Friday Flashback: “You will never see a major housing price crash here.”

Somehow last month I missed the five-year anniversary of my lengthy email conversation with local mortgage broker Steve Tytler. Some choice excerpts: I have been actively involved in the Seattle real estate market for more than 20 years and I have studied the market stats all the way back to the 1960’s. I can tell […]

Predictions: Will 2011 Finally be the Bottom?

With 2010 well behind us now, it’s past time for another roundup of yearly Seattle real estate market predictions. Here are our past prediction posts for 2007, 2008, 2009, & 2010. Rather than playing the usual game of scraping and searching through the local papers for notable prognosticators going on the record with someone else […]

“Tax Savings” Far Overshadowed by Interest Paid

This weekend Seattle Bubble favorite Steve Tytler fielded a question from a very confused homeowner in his real estate Q&A column in the Everett Herald. Couple’s dilemma: To rent out house or sell Here is a portion of the owner’s question. We were given a house valued at $250,000, which is paid for. We have […]

Predictions: Looking Into the Crystal Ball for 2010

It is time once again for our annual predictions post, where your host goes on record with crazy shots in the dark about what might happen in the Seattle real estate market over the next calendar year. For those of you following along with this game at home, here are the predictions of record for […]

King County Home Prices & Affordability 1950-2009 Q1

A reader pointed out that I had not provided an updated chart of the long-term (50+ year) trend of local home prices since I originally posted my research in February 2008. So, here’s an updated look at the long-term trends in local home prices and affordability: So much for Steve Tytler‘s famous “stair step” theory […]

Predictions: 2008 in the Bag, 2009 on the Horizon

Looking back at 2008 And now it’s the post we’ve all been waiting for (and by “we” I mean probably just me). Time to see which real estate “professionals” made housing market predictions that match closest with reality, which ones were more in line with the former Iraqi Information Minister, and what they’re all guessing […]