August Reporting Roundup: Reality Finally Sinking In

Oh man. They let Elizabeth Rhodes take just one day off, and look what happens: Gahh! It’s right there in giant black print, above the fold on the front page! I can’t imagine the Seattle Times’ real estate advertisers feeling too great about this…

May Reporting Roundup

Before we begin May’s reporting roundup, let’s have a little review of the year so far. January Barb Lamoureux, owner and broker with Lamoureux Real Estate in Everett, said the typical slow December market is over. She’s seen signs the market is picking up, including a significant increase in open house traffic and even some […]

April Reporting Roundup

Yesterday I predicted that the local reporting would focus on the paltry month-to-month median price increase, backed up by a plethora of quotes from peppy real estate agents. Today’s reporting, for the most part, does not disappoint. I’m starting to get the impression as I read some of these articles that the reporters are just […]

Pierce County Home Builders Feeling the Pinch

Yesterday’s Tacoma News Tribune had an article about new construction in outlying areas, which is becoming front line of the Puget Sound housing bust. In short: it ain’t pretty for builders. Facing fewer buyers and many, many homes for sale, South Sound builders are pulling back and getting extra promotional. Builders have slowed construction schedules […]

March Reporting Roundup

I would have posted the reporting roundup on Saturday, but I was out of town for the weekend, and my only Internet access was dial-up (*shudder*). The tone of this month’s reporting isn’t too much different from last month, except that we’ve got a small dose of optimism thanks to a slight spring improvement. Of […]