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7 responses to “Real Actual Listing Photos: Driveby, Radioactive, Timestamp”

  1. sniffy

    Re: the radioactive kitchen.

    The democratization of the HDR photo process is the bane of good taste and an assault upon millions of unwitting eyeballs. It *can* be used well, but 99.99% of the time, it isn’t.

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  2. No Name Guy

    My goodness, that grass painting one from 2009 (in your linked “Fix it in MS Paint” piece) is priceless – they painted over the truck on the right side of the house.

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  3. Rhonda Porter

    I’m going to be chuckling about the rubber chickens all day!

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  4. softwarengineer

    Perhaps the Cord to the Bed is for Care Giving a Disabled Tennant

    Shock therapy.

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  5. Rumpole

    I love this monthly installment, the inherent laziness of some of these agents is astounding.

    I drive by the Rubber Chicken house quite often, they really jammed the two townhouse into a small space. Plus the benefit of having a bus stop 4 feet from your living room window.

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  6. Peter Witting

    No jokes about Silvana Meats, please. Best place in Western Washington to get local beef. They also do a nice job butchering up your game.

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  7. tlc

    “power cord running from beneath the bed to under the mattress”

    I don’t think it was running under the mattress, I think it was hooked there for easy access. It could be a wired remote for a heated mattress pad, which means the power cord runs to mattress down by the foot of the bed.

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