$8k Tax Credit: Inefficient, Expensive, Economically Stupid

The intensity of the push from a couple of major national lobbying groups (NAR and NAHB) to extend and/or expand the $8,000 first-time homebuyer tax credit seems to have increased since we last discussed the topic on these pages. With the supposed end of the program coming up in about seven weeks, now seems like […]

Elizabeth Warren: We’re Not out of the Woods

This is a few weeks old, but it’s definitely worth watching if you haven’t yet. Elizabeth Warren, chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel (which was created to oversee TARP), has some frank words about the current state of the banks: Here are a few transcribed excerpts. Scarborough: “Are we out of the woods when it […]

Tax Giveaways Succeed in Borrowing More Demand from the Future

Congress agreed to pour an additional $2,000,000,000 into the cash credit toward an overpriced new car for clunkers program this week, with various pundits praising the program as a rousing success. Meanwhile, industry professionals point to the $8,000 tax credit for first-time homebuyers as a major factor behind the recent increase in home sales. One […]

An Overview of the Housing/Credit Crisis

A couple people forwarded me a link to a 116-page pdf titled An Overview of the Housing/Credit Crisis And Why There Is More Pain to Come that is worth checking out. Here’s a look at the table of contents: Overview of the Great Mortgage Bubble Causes of the Great Mortgage Bubble Consequences of the Bursting […]

Declines in Home Prices & Consumer Spending are GOOD THINGS

I read a great post today over at Behavior Gap (thanks to an email from J.D. @ Get Rich Slowly) that is definitely worth sharing: The Great Reset A recent New York Times headline read: “Consumers Increase Savings While Spending Less” That sounds like a GOOD thing doesn’t it? It used to be that savings […]

Seattle Economy Maybe Not So Isolated After All

Here are a couple of recent stories to drive home the point that the Seattle area economy is not in fact magically separate from the national/international economy, as some have made it out to be over the last few years. Brad Wong, Seattle P-I: Tough economy forces cutbacks for area residents The economic shocks to […]

Poll Update: Dow Drops Below 10,000

Anybody remember the June 8 poll: Sorry to say, but 58% of you were wrong: That took less than 4 months, for those of you keeping score at home. Also note the July 13 follow-up, in which only 30% guessed incorrectly. I just thought I’d point this out to those that are accusing this site […]