Washington Job Market Still Growing Slowly

Here’s the latest on the state economy. Everything’s coming up roses, it would seem. Washington continued to defy the multiple drags on the U.S. economy in February, as state payrolls added 3,500 jobs and the unemployment rate held steady at 4.5 percent. “We’re really different from the national economy at this point,” said Evelina Tainer, […]

Strong Local Economy Faltering, County Facing Large Deficit

If you think our “strong local economy” is going to protect the Seattle area from feeling a pinch in the housing market and elsewhere as recession looms on the horizon, think again. The pinch is here. With a cooling economy pinching tax revenue even as government costs rise, King County faces a $45 million budget […]

Boeing & Microsoft Holding Up the Market?

Here’s a thread to discuss some of the not-so-great big news that has come out recently for the Seattle-area’s two biggest private employers. Boeing: Loses out on $40 billion Air Force tanker contract Microsoft: Facing class-action lawsuit for Vista hardware requirements Cutting boxed Vista prices (possibly due to disappointing sales?) Still trying to buy Yahoo! […]

Will Seattle avoid recession, or feel the brunt?

It seems to be a foregone conclusion lately that the US is currently entering recession. Of course, much like the housing market, the some aspects of the economy are local, so we can’t assume that what’s going on nationwide will necessarily hit us here. Following are a couple of articles from the last few days […]

Gregoire: Don’t buy into the self-fulfilling dire talk.

Good news everyone! Although the nation is slipping into recession, here in Washington State “our economy is strong” and the only thing that can bring us down is listening to all the “dire talk.” Well, that’s what Mrs. Gregoire would have us believe, anyway… Gov. Chris Gregoire, at a Seattle economic forum Thursday, boasted she […]

Falling Lumber Prices Shutting Local Sawmills

Remember how when prices were going up, up, up, one of the reasons it was allegedly justified was “high construction costs”? See this post for a lengthy example of a local real estate professional making that argument. Well, luckily for us, it would seem that construction costs are dropping like a rock. Or, perhaps not […]

Gregoire: “The economy is strong. Buy your home.”

Everybody’s pal Christine Gregoire gave a pep talk to the Washington Realtors last week in which she made some interesting comments. Gov. Chris Gregoire told about 400 Washington Realtors on Thursday that she has been working to meet goals the group has for transportation, affordable housing, education and quality of life. Gregoire, who spoke a […]