WSJ: Mortgage Crisis Rivals S&L Meltdown

The Wall Street Journal has a good article today detailing the extended financial mess that has been brought on by the irresponsible enthusiasm of the now-bursting housing bubble. The home has long been the bedrock asset of most American families. Now, its value has become the biggest question mark hanging over the global economy and […]

When is the drink going to run out?

As the flying party that is the debt-fed US economy and the super-special Seattle housing market experience more and more turbulence, I feel that the following quote from Douglas Adams’ novel Life, The Universe, and Everything (third book of five in the must-read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy) is even more pertinent than it […]

Protecting Our Assets From a Tanking Dollar

As I’m sure you all know by now, yesterday the Federal Reserve cut the benchmark interest rate again. While this move will no doubt feed the false hope for a speedy end to the housing slump, there is likely nothing the Fed can do that will stop the bubble from deflating. However, when I step […]

Who Are You Going to Believe on the Economy?

Let’s have a little economic review, shall we? Early 2006 — We were told by “economists” that all is well in the housing market, and we were just headed for a soft landing. Definitely zero risk to the economy. January 27, 2006“All the hype about the housing market falling apart is exaggerated,” Tim Rogers, Boston-based […]

Sub Prime fallout: Ok. Really. How many sub prime originations took place in the Puget Sound area?

I’m weary of hearing that the sub-prime market is or was a small portion of the pie in the Puget Sound Region. Certainly, there are many prime conventional loans that were made. But the idea that the originations of sub-prime loans being reduced or eliminated will have a less than meaningful impact is just not […]

Center for Economic Policy Research paper: highlight’s fundamentals (largely ingnored) and the media’s role.

Hi Bubbleheads, doom ‘n gloomers and market enthusiasts …. Good Reading: Via Jessica Swesey at Inman News blog gives us a glimpse into the mechanics of the bubble. She cites a paper released last week by Dean Baker of the Center for Economic & Policy Research asks:(PDF document & very easy reading with excellent analysis) […]

Gangbuster Job Growth, Lackluster Incomes

One of the most frequent arguments you’ll hear if you ask someone to try to justify Seattle’s high home prices is job growth. It usually sounds something like this: “We’ve got Boeing and Microsoft, and all these highly-paid, high-tech jobs are continually being added to our strong economy.” Well, as you all know, we’ve beat […]