The Problem with Real Estate Reporting

I was browsing Google News this morning and came across the headline combo you see below: What a perfect example of the problem with most real estate reporting. Same data, polar opposite headlines. Reporters telling the story they want to tell, regardless of what is actually going on in the market. So did pending sales […]

Friday Flashback: “The era of record-low rates is over.”

Heh, remember this piece from April of last year? Homebuyers scramble as mortgage rates jump The era of record-low mortgage rates is over. The average rate on a 30-year loan has jumped from about 5 percent to more than 5.3 percent in just the past week. As mortgages get more expensive, more would-be homeowners are […]

REO Roundup: The Long, Slow Path to Market Clearing

A handful of non-number-based stories about foreclosures have popped up lately that I thought might be interesting to highlight here for discussion. First up, Diana Olick with CNBC: Vacant Homes Will Drown Housing Recovery A real estate source I knew recently told me about a guy he knows in Atlanta who has been hired by […]

Weekend Reads from Across the Spectrum

Here are a few recent articles of interest that I thought might be worth discussion. Calculated Risk: The upward slope of Real House Prices I don’t think we have to choose between real prices and price-to-rent graphs to ask “how far out of line are house prices?” I think they are both showing that prices […]

Has the Tide Turned Against Home Ownership?

Now seems like as good a time as any to have another look at the “Cycle of Market Emotions”: The Cycle of Market Emotions By my reckoning, in late 2007 we were somewhere between anxiety and denial, and by mid-2010 we were treading water between fear and desperation. Today I suspect we’ve made it to […]

Are Seattle-Area Rents Poised to Shoot Up Again?

This article on CNNMoney caught my attention yesterday: Renew your lease – rents could rise 10% Renters beware: Double-digit rent hikes may be coming soon. Already, rental vacancy rates have dipped below the 10% mark, where they had been lodged for most of the past three years. “The demand for rental housing has already started […]

New York Times: Seattle Sellers Simply Surrendering

It’s not often we get a major national news piece focused solely on Seattle’s real estate market, but yesterday we got just that from the New York Times: Housing Crash Is Hitting Cities Thought to Be Stable SEATTLE — Few believed the housing market here would ever collapse. Now they wonder if it will ever […]