Seattle’s “Seller’s Market” Status Rapidly Eroding

Forbes has come out with yet another real estate “Top 10” list, this time gabbing on about the “Top Home Sellers’ Markets.” Interestingly, Seattle is conspicuously absent from the list. They explain: The MethodologyTo measure inventory glut, we used Moody’s and National Association of Realtors data that tracked a market’s current sales rate by […]

Bubble Link Roundup

It’s time for another link roundup: a list of links that are worth posting, but not each as their own post. Some of these are Seattle-specific, some aren’t. Keith at Housing Panic provides a concise history of the housing bubble. Calculated Risk expects a recession in ’07 and explains what would change his mind. The […]

Correction: Income Decline Map

I’d like to make a correction to an earlier post. It was pointed out to me by the ever-vigilant Richard that the income map I posted earlier this week used data sets from two different sources for the two years they compared. The discrepancy was discovered by a pair of reporters at The Examiner. More […]

Mapping Housing Market Health

A pair of maps containing interesting statistics surfaced in the past few weeks that are worth sharing here. First is the “Map of Misery” from BusinessWeek, showing “the percentage of new and refinanced mortgages into loans with payment options.” This is important to note, because as BusinessWeek explains: The option adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) might […]