Still Waiting for the Promised Surge in Interest Rates

I thought it might be worthwhile to take another updated look at mortgage rates. Here’s a chart of mortgage rates via the Federal Reserve over the last seven years. Latest rates came in at 3.88%, the lowest they have been as far back as the Federal Reserve’s data goes (early 1971). Here’s a chart of […]

Big Freaking Surprise: NAR Overstated Home Sales

Okay, since this subject has been brought up in nearly every open thread over the past two weeks, I’m going to post about it here so we can just get it out of our system. Big freaking surprise: Realtors Lower 2007-2010 Home-Sales Estimates by 14% U.S. home sales from 2007 through 2010 were about 14% […]

Case-Shiller: Six to Sixteen Years of Lost Appreciation

Okay one last Case-Shiller post this week: The national “rewind” map, and the month-to-month city count visualization. First up, the map. As a refresher, in the map below I’ve put the Case-Shiller home price index data from all twenty cities on a map. The size of each circle represents how far back prices have rewound […]

Home Sale Up Because of Declining Prices

A series of very similar headlines caught my attention today: Wall Street Journal: Home Sales Climb But Prices Decline CBS News: Home sales up, but housing prices continue to fall nationwide The Real Deal: U.S. existing home sales rise slightly, but prices fall Chicago Tribune: Local existing home sales up double-digits in October, but prices […]

Don’t List Your Home on a Weekend!

Full disclosure: The Tim is employed by Redfin. I just posted the findings below to the Redfin blog, and thought they would be worth sharing here. I’ve been spending some time at work digging into sales data to figure out if there are any significant differences in listing performance correlated with what day of the […]

Conforming Loan Limit Changes to Hit Eastside Hardest

Full disclosure: The Tim is employed by Redfin. Yesterday over on the Redfin blog, I dug a little deeper into the conforming loan limit changes, pulling detailed sales data from all around the country by zip code to see which areas would be most affected by the change. The result was another Google FusionTables zip […]

How Much of the Seattle-Area Market Will be Affected by New Conforming Loan Limits?

There’s been a bit of talk in some circles about how new, lower “high balance conforming loan limits” that go into effect on October 1st going to somehow dramatically affect the local housing market (presumably in a bad way). In order to get a sense of scope on how many sales might be affected by […]