Amazon HQ2 may already be turning Seattle into a buyers market

I did some speculative analysis for Redfin on the impact that Amazon HQ2 will have on the Seattle real estate market: Amazon HQ2 Could Quickly Turn Seattle Into a Buyer’s Market

For the article I spoke with a Redfin Seattle agent who has had some interesting conversations already with buyers…

Amazon, Go

Okay, okay, let’s talk about Amazon HQ2

Everybody is talking about it, and it’s definitely going to have some kind of effect on the local economy in Seattle, so even though it’s a bit late, let’s talk about Amazon’s HQ2.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve no doubt seen the news that Amazon is seeking to build a second headquarters somewhere “in North America” that “will be a full equal to our current campus in Seattle.” GeekWire has been covering the story extensively (including a data-based city analysis by yours truly), so if you need to catch up on the facts, head over there. For the discussion here, let’s focus on the possible impact this development will have on the Seattle-area real estate market.

Demand for Seattle Rentals Still Outstripping Supply

There’s a great in-depth article on local rent increases in today’s Seattle Times: Soaring rents force lifestyle changes For renters and homeowners, market forces are permanently altering the familiar face of many neighborhoods. While wealthy newcomers are helping to revitalize neighborhood business districts, the reality is that many renters, saddled by stagnant wages, are being […]

Boeing Still by Far the Biggest Player in the Puget Sound Economy

Quick note on the potential impact of a long-term departure of Boeing from the Puget Sound. The Seattle-area economy is definitely more diverse than it was in the ’70s, but Boeing still dominates the employment base by the numbers. A 2003 table from the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce shows Boeing employing more people than […]

News Roundup: Local Banks on the Brink

The last few days have seen a handful of articles in the local press on the subject of the strength (or lack thereof, as it turns out) of local banks. Here’s a brief summary. First-up is a relatively in-depth look at the status of dozens of banks based in Washington State: Washington’s banks under stress […]

Amazon Open House at Vulcan

Regarding last night’s Amazon-only Vulcan open house, a reader wrote: I work for Amazon and just got back from Vulcan’s exclusive Amazonian-oriented event. They’re offering $5,000 incentives for those of us who want to work just a SLUT stop away from home. The excitement was not palpable, though the beer and wine were free. According […]