Boeing Mural on Colby Street in Everett

Top 10 Future Uses for the 98-Acre Boeing Everett Factory

With the future of Boeing airplane manufacturing inevitably moving to less expensive states (sped along the way by last night’s Machinists Union vote), we may as well start work now on determining a new use for the 98-acre Boeing Everett Factory, currently the world’s largest building by volume. Here are my top 10 proposed future […]

Boeing Still by Far the Biggest Player in the Puget Sound Economy

Quick note on the potential impact of a long-term departure of Boeing from the Puget Sound. The Seattle-area economy is definitely more diverse than it was in the ’70s, but Boeing still dominates the employment base by the numbers. A 2003 table from the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce shows Boeing employing more people than […]

More of the usual Boeing 787 news…

(emphasis added to quotes below) Flashback to April 26, 2005: Orders fly in for Boeing 787 Currently the 787, due to enter service in 2008, has a two-year head start on the A350. November 7, 2006: “Good, steady progress” on 787 as Boeing works to lighten up Boeing’s 787 is on schedule. Early practice production […]