Boeing & Microsoft Holding Up the Market?

Here’s a thread to discuss some of the not-so-great big news that has come out recently for the Seattle-area’s two biggest private employers. Boeing: Loses out on $40 billion Air Force tanker contract Microsoft: Facing class-action lawsuit for Vista hardware requirements Cutting boxed Vista prices (possibly due to disappointing sales?) Still trying to buy Yahoo! […]

Will Seattle avoid recession, or feel the brunt?

It seems to be a foregone conclusion lately that the US is currently entering recession. Of course, much like the housing market, the some aspects of the economy are local, so we can’t assume that what’s going on nationwide will necessarily hit us here. Following are a couple of articles from the last few days […]

Everett Development Bit by Finance Fallout

The still-tightening market for financing real estate is not only taking a bite out of individuals’ ability to buy homes. It’s also starting to affect the ability of large new construction projects to get financing to even begin building. New projects like a waterfront condo complex in Everett. The start of condominium construction on the […]

“It’s not quite indentured servitude…”

Here’s a quote that caught my attention in today’s headline P-I article: Boeing bosses spy on workers. “It’s not quite indentured servitude, because you can quit, but when you look at the mortgages and car payments, especially in Seattle, you’re not exactly free,” said the surveilled former employee. Real estate salespeople are always talking about […]

Condomania in Everett!

Better be careful the next time you drive through Everett, you’re likely to get burned, the condo market there is so hot! On paper at least, downtown Everett is poised for explosive growth. Nearly 800 new downtown condos and apartments are in various stages of planning. There’s a good chance some of the projects scattered […]

Seattle is Different. We’re Totally Immune.

Dow, Nasdaq, S&P500Click to enlarge Microsoft & BoeingClick to enlarge Update: By request, here is a graph of today’s stock performance for a handful of other locally-based companies. Other Seattle-Area CompaniesClick to enlarge For those of you keeping score at home: Boeing: -1.95% Microsoft: -4.12% Amazon: -5.00% Starbucks: -3.94% Nordstrom: -7.59% Costco: -3.48% Washington Mutual: […]


Microsoft & Boeing: Seattle’s Firm Foundation

Illustration: James McFarlaneClick to enlarge Question: How many of the Seattle-area’s much-vaunted Boeing jobs will fail to materialize with the collapse of a $2.2 billion order? Question: Are predictions about Microsoft job growth perhaps just as “overly aggressive” as Vista sales forecasts (according to CEO Steve Ballmer)? Just curious. Seattle Bubble Tip Jar