Link Roundup: Housing Market Strength Evaporating

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a good link roundup, and since I’ve seen a number of related stories pop up in the last couple of weeks, I thought it was a good time for one. While the housing market was definitely on fire last year, with respect to bidding wars and home price […]

Undocumented Shadow Inventory Scarce in King County

Don’t worry: This will be my last post about the shadow inventory issue for quite some time. In last Friday’s post about shadow inventory, “Haybaler” shared a great link in which Calculated Risk reported LPS delinquency data for September. This data addresses the main complaint some of you have raised about my previous analysis of […]

Weekend Reads from Across the Spectrum

Here are a few recent articles of interest that I thought might be worth discussion. Calculated Risk: The upward slope of Real House Prices I don’t think we have to choose between real prices and price-to-rent graphs to ask “how far out of line are house prices?” I think they are both showing that prices […]

Time to Let the Snake-Eating Gorillas Freeze to Death

Apparently there are some in the government who feel like they haven’t done enough yet to “help” the housing market, because Calculated Risk had a great post yesterday on the subject of a possible return of the undead tax credit. From Reuters: No Decision on Reviving Homebuyer Credit: Donovan “It’s too early to say whether […]

Leading Housing Indicators Point to a Flat Economy

Yesterday Calculated Risk wrote an interesting post looking at what housing is telling us as a leading indicator of the economy: Historically the best leading indicator for the economy (and employment) has been housing. … So here is a review of the three monthly leading indicators: Housing Starts: Housing starts are moving sideways… Builder Confidence: […]

Four More Washington Banks on the Unofficial Problem Bank List

Calculated Risk’s Unofficial Problem Bank List continues to increase in size, with the latest update including 576 banks across the country. This update added four more Washington State banks to the list: American Marine Bank in Bainbridge Island, Pierce Commercial Bank in Tacoma, The Bank of Washington in Lynnwood, and Viking Bank in Seattle. The […]

Washington is #1… For Troubled Banks

With the news in September that Seattle is #1 for delinquent construction loans, it probably comes as not much of a surprise that Washington State also happens to rank #1 in the nation for troubled banks, according to Calculated Risk’s unofficial problem bank list. State Percent Washington 26.3% Utah 25.0% Arizona 21.3% Nevada 20.0% Oregon […]