Kiss Single-Family Homes Goodbye if Seattle Keeps Growing

We usually talk about the whole Seattle metro area on these pages, but I’d like to take a little while to discuss an issue that is most relevant to Seattle proper: Density. There’s no denying that Seattle has been booming lately, thanks largely to serious growth in the local tech economy—unbridled growth at Amazon, the […]

Seattle Population, Kids, & Ownership vs. Top 100 Cities

Some of us were talking a few weeks ago about how important schools are to buyers in the Seattle area relative to other cities and what percentage of families here have children. I decided to pull that data as well as some additional population and home ownership data on each of the 100 largest cities […]

List Prices: Seattle vs. Other Large Cities

Admittedly, yesterday’s post comparing home prices in Seattle to a remote location in Wisconsin really wasn’t fair. Granted, it was posted more for humor than for serious consideration, but there are certainly better comparisons that we could have made. So what would be more fair? How about if we take the top 25 cities in […]

Local Housing Oversupply Could Disappear by July 2010…

Good news everyone! The latest population estimates for King County have been released by the Census Bureau, and at the present rate of population growth, we’ll be able to use up all of our excess housing inventory by July of next year… …if all residential construction across the county completely ceased after July 2008, that […]

Housing Shortage or Overbuilt—A New Look at Supply and Demand

There has been some talk lately about the overall housing stock in the Seattle area, and whether construction has been able to keep up with population growth, or if there is a housing shortage that will lead to another housing boom in a few years. So I thought now would be a good time to […]

Big Picture: Supply vs. Demand

Why have residential real estate prices experienced an unusually rapid increase in last few years? That’s the big question that we all want the answer to, right? There’s one argument that goes something like this: There just aren’t enough homes for everyone. People are moving to the Puget Sound at a rapid pace, and homebuilding […]