Eric Fischer: San Francisco Housing Model

No, Seattle Affordability Is Not “Pretty Much Game Over”

A few weeks ago Stranger writer Charles Mudede published a post in which he argued that “Seattle Is Pretty Much Game Over” in terms of housing affordability. There was a time when something could have been done to avoid its entry into the locked cycle of asset value inflation, but that was a few years […]

Local Housing Oversupply Finally Shrinks Slightly in 2012

It’s been two years since we last took a look at the local housing oversupply. This week the Washington State Office of Financial Management released their 2012 population and housing supply estimates, so let’s update those charts. Here’s an updated chart of housing supply (total housing units) and demand (total households) for the 3-county Puget […]

18-Months Later, Reflections on “A House By The Park”

A few weeks ago I linked to Urbnlivn’s follow-up with Mike Davidson regarding his custom-built home near Discovery Park, mentioned on these pages back in 2009: Q&A with A House By The Park Today Mike posted his own follow-up on his own site that’s well worth reading: A Year And A Half After Moving In […]

Reader Question: Rotting from the Inside on Day One?

A reader emailed me an interesting observation/question in response to yesterday’s discussion of Seattle’s cheap, ugly townhomes. There’s a trio of townhouses very near where I live. They’re interesting because they lay partially framed for (if I’m recalling correctly) more than a year and a half — at least through one Winter/Spring. They actually have […]

New Construction Price per Square Foot On Par w/ Resales

A reader requested that I run an update of the post I put together a year ago: Is New Construction Getting Cheaper or Just Smaller? Here are the updated charts comparing the size and price per square foot of new construction and re-sales since April 2009: As you might expect, new construction continues to be […]

Is New Construction Getting Cheaper or Just Smaller?

Yesterday in response to the story about the vanishing new construction price premium, reader “nwerner” commented: You should also do your analysis on a per SF basis if you haven’t already. The square footage of new construction has dropped considerably, in the range of 20 to 25 percent. Your second comment, re: lower lot prices […]

New Construction Price Premium Nearly Vanishes

I was playing around with the sales data I’ve downloaded since April of last year when I noticed a noteworthy trend in the sales of new construction. If you split each month’s sales into new construction and re-sales, then look at the median prices of each group separately, an interesting pattern emerges. What I’ve plotted […]