It’s a Great Time to Rent

Here’s another new site to add to your list of where to search for rentals in Seattle: Zillow. Zillow announced yesterday that they have added rental listings to their site. Since this is a brand new feature, and they apparently have not made any partnership deals to pre-seed it with data, there aren’t currently any […]

Weekend News Roundup – Rents Flattening, Development Halting

I was out of town all weekend in SF (driving back yesterday was not particularly fun, I assure you). Here’s a roundup of some of the local and notable national real estate stories that were waiting for me in my inbox upon my return this afternoon: First up, a blog post by P-I real estate […]

Rental Market Semi-Scaremongering

Yesterday’s P-I had a big front-page story from Aubrey Cohen that seems to be at least partly designed to frighten renters and encourage landlords: Rent at an all-time high — if you can find a place “There are a lot of apartments available, but the desirable ones seem to rent very quickly,” said Kilbourne, a […]

Rents to Rise, or Home Prices to Fall?

One of the arguments often discussed with respect to the housing bubble is the fact that the ratio of prices to rents has been fairly consistent on a historical basis, but that this ratio has been blown out in the past few years as home prices have shot up. Indeed, this can be seen in […]


Rents Reverting to Mean, Condos Repartmenting

I should at least mention the local news reports about the latest Dupre + Scott rental survey. Here’s the meat of the report, courtesy of Aubrey Cohen at the P-I: The King County vacancy rate hit 3.8 percent this month, down from 3.9 percent in March and 4.2 percent in September 2006, according to Dupre […]


Renting in Seattle "may make economic sense"

Finally some semi-useful information out of Dupre + Scott. Mr. Cohen reports on the “1-19 Unit Report” just released by Dupre + Scott in this terrifying tale of skyrocketing rents and plummeting vacancies: Rental houses get scarce, expensive The good news for people who cannot afford to buy a house in Seattle is that it […]