How-To: Turn a 1,475 sqft Lot Into a Half-Million-Dollar Home

This was spotted by a user over on Reddit’s /r/Seattle. The images below are of 3941 South Brandon Street on Google Street View. 2008: Empty 1,475 square foot lot. 2011: Foundation 2014: 1,687 sqft, 3-bed, 2.5-bath modern home The resulting home sold last June for just under half a million dollars. Here’s the listing description: […]

Flip, Slide, Build on Capitol Hill

Here’s an interesting flipping strategy that I haven’t seen before… On Monday I walked by a home 10th Ave East up on Capitol Hill. Here’s what it looked like a while back, via Google Street View: And here’s what it looks like now: The home sold last June for $826,000. So what are the new […]

False Advertising: Home Builder Renderings vs. Reality

“Lo Ball Jones” dropped a link in the Saturday Link Roundup to a local homebuilder website that caught my attention for just how ridiculous the rendered images of their homes are. With a little help from the magic of Google Maps’ 45° view, I thought it would be fun to take a look at a […]

The Sordid Price History of a Local Mega-Flop

Behold the sordid tale of a home I’ve been keeping my eye on for quite a while. It’s a spec-built home in Woodinville (just a 37-minute + $3.50 toll drive to downtown Seattle)—7,216 square feet on 14 acres. This one’s got the Avondale Albatross beat by a longshot, both in the sheer audacity of the […]

Terrible at Math, You Poor, Filthy Renter? YOU CAN OWN!

I spotted the ad at right on the Seattle Times homepage yesterday. It’s not as patronizing as Quadrant Homes’ old “down payment latte” ad was, but the claim of buying for just $800 a month immediately jumped out at me as unlikely. Running some quick numbers through my Simple Affordability Calculator indicates that to have […]

New Construction Price per Square Foot On Par w/ Resales

A reader requested that I run an update of the post I put together a year ago: Is New Construction Getting Cheaper or Just Smaller? Here are the updated charts comparing the size and price per square foot of new construction and re-sales since April 2009: As you might expect, new construction continues to be […]