Link Roundup: Condos So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

While I was enjoying a relaxing weekend with my visiting brother-in-law, playing a copious amount of Xbox 360 and Wii games, the local press was going into overdrive with the real estate booster articles. It’s not worth my time or yours to have separate posts for each of them, so here is a link roundup. […]

Welcome to Seattle Bubble

Since I was on KING 5 News last night and KOMO 1000 radio this morning*, I thought it would be good to write up a slightly more detailed post aimed at answering the question: “What is Seattle Bubble about?” So, here’s a summary of the important points. The Bottom Line: Now is not a good […]


REALTOR® vs. Reality

Continuing The Tim’s trend of quick posts, I thought I would add this to the flurry of news today. King5 ran a news piece last night that is summarized in this article, entitled Home sellers upping incentives in crowded market The piece quotes Reba Haas, one of the contributors over at Rain City Guide. She […]

The Mythical Equity Locust

There are many arguments to be had between the Seattle Bubble housing bulls and bears, but one belief that seems to be commonly shared is that one of the primary drivers of demand and pricing in our market is a steady stream of rich Californians moving up and driving prices up. The bulls argue that […]

“Positive Fundamentals” with “Hints of Weakness”

Ahh, Les Christie of CNN Money—the perfect national companion to our local captain of the real estate cheerleading squad, Elizabeth Rhodes. Where would we be without your frequent reports reminding everyone across the country just how special Seattle is? In the middle of a nationwide housing slump, a few markets have held their ground – […]

Spot the Fundamentals

Let’s play a game. It’s called “Spot the Fundamentals,” and the way we play it is by looking at some of the “fundamentals” to figure out which ones are responsible for our area’s high home prices. The frequent condescending argument of the cadre of Seattle area housing bulls (real estate agents, “analysts,” the press, and […]


What Cities Does Seattle Compare To?

In the last few days I’ve run into a few comments in various discussions about Seattle real estate that have caught my attention: Dean Jones, Condo Marketer: “You might cringe at condos that sell for $2,000 a square foot. But it would be twice that in New York. We’re still, relatively speaking, a bargain.” Bob, […]