Comparing January Sales Rates Across Western WA

Let’s take a slightly geographically broader look at home sales than we usually restrict ourselves to. In the Tableau viz below, you’re looking at all the NWMLS data on the number of closed single-family sales in Western Washington for every January since 2000. The “heat” number is simply the number of closed SFH sales divided […]

List Prices: Seattle vs. Other Large Cities

Admittedly, yesterday’s post comparing home prices in Seattle to a remote location in Wisconsin really wasn’t fair. Granted, it was posted more for humor than for serious consideration, but there are certainly better comparisons that we could have made. So what would be more fair? How about if we take the top 25 cities in […]

Crosscut: Seattle Population is Nowhere Near Current Capacity

Interesting article over on Crosscut today: Why Seattle won’t grow as fast as planners say If Seattle’s current estimated population is 602,000 and we add the hypothetical 180,000 and you get 782,000 people by 2040 — considerably short of the 1.2 million that some claim are on the way. … The assumption is that right […]

Declining Appreciation Closely Tied to Sales Volume

I was going back and updating some of my lesser-used spreadsheets today when I came upon one that I thought was particularly interesting. The graph below is an updated version of something I presented originally in the post Home Buying Demand vs. Price Changes back in April. The chart below takes the year-to-year change in […]

Housing Bust Slowing Population Growth

Aubrey Cohen reports on some interesting population growth data just released by the state Office of Financial Management. …difficulty selling homes elsewhere has slowed population growth here over the past year, according to new estimates from the state Office of Financial Management. Seattle and King County grew 1.1 percent and 1.2 percent, respectively, between April […]

Home Buying Demand vs. Price Changes

In theory, there are two factors that affect the price of homes: supply and demand. We’ve looked extensively at the relationship between supply (inventory) and price in the past. Let’s take a look at the relationship between demand and price. For the purpose of this post, we will measure demand by looking at the relationship […]