Foreclosures Still Rising Locally

Foreclosures are still on the rise in Washington State and in the Seattle area, according to the Seattle Times. Washington state foreclosure filings were up 69 percent last month compared with the previous June and up almost 10 percent from May, as the mortgage meltdown continues despite government and private efforts to help struggling homeowners. […]

Beating a Dead Horse: Gas Prices

I realized we have beat the subject to death with a pair of posts and this week’s poll, but I had to at least point out a Rhodes piece in today’s Seattle Times on the issue of gas prices and home buying patterns: Will gas prices drive homebuyers away from suburbs? The article starts off […]

Foreclosures, FHA, Commercial, & Countrywide

Here are a few recent stories that have been covered elsewhere and are worth at least mentioning here. Latest foreclosure statistics: Seattle P-I, Foreclosures in Seattle higher, but much lower than nation’s The Seattle area had about twice as many foreclosures in May as it did a year earlier but continued to have a far […]

May Reporting Roundup

Before we begin May’s reporting roundup, let’s have a little review of the year so far. January Barb Lamoureux, owner and broker with Lamoureux Real Estate in Everett, said the typical slow December market is over. She’s seen signs the market is picking up, including a significant increase in open house traffic and even some […]

April Reporting Roundup

Yesterday I predicted that the local reporting would focus on the paltry month-to-month median price increase, backed up by a plethora of quotes from peppy real estate agents. Today’s reporting, for the most part, does not disappoint. I’m starting to get the impression as I read some of these articles that the reporters are just […]