Developers spell “price drop” I-N-C-E-N-T-I-V-E-S

Elizabeth Rhodes hits us this morning with a fun little morsel: Developers dangle discounts, toys to lure home buyers. (I wonder why this article wasn’t in the big weekend real estate section? Hmm… Edit: It would appear that the answer to that question is that they were saving it for the front page [pdf].) Puget […]

September Reporting Roundup: Let the Games Begin

Okay, the biggest real story this month: plummeting sales, resulting in a record-high “months of supply.” The fake story: dropping median prices—which is most likely at least partly an illusion (so far), which can be largely attributed to… you guessed it: the plummeting sales. Let’s see what the news outlets chose to focus on… There […]


Rents Reverting to Mean, Condos Repartmenting

I should at least mention the local news reports about the latest Dupre + Scott rental survey. Here’s the meat of the report, courtesy of Aubrey Cohen at the P-I: The King County vacancy rate hit 3.8 percent this month, down from 3.9 percent in March and 4.2 percent in September 2006, according to Dupre […]


August Reporting Roundup

Here’s the usual roundup of the NWMLS press release echo chamber for this month. As expected, most of the focus is on price, price, price. As long as the median price keeps going up, expect more of the same. Bibeka Shrestha, Seattle Times: Median price for house in Seattle tops $500,000 The median price for […]


Jumbo Tightening Squeezes King County Buyers

Okay so this is old news to any of you that have been following the mortgage mess as it unfolds, but it’s worth bringing up again to point out the fact that Elizabeth Rhodes at the Seattle Times has finally admitted what a mess we’re in: The evening before their home purchase was to close, […]

Somewhere Between Anxiety and Denial

As the mortgage industry begins to crumble and home prices are declining across the nation, the local media and blogging real estate insiders seem to be getting a bit anxious. Maybe it’s just me, but take a look at some of the recent headlines: Home values here still rising (Elizabeth Rhodes, Seattle Times) Seattle-area homes […]


July Reporting Roundup

It’s that time of the month again—time to check in with our trusty local real estate mouthpieces “reporters” in the local press. What do Rhodes, Cohen, Benbow, Boone, and newcomer Dan Beekman (with the Tacoma News Tribune) have for us this month? Read on to find out… Warning: Sarcasm Ahead Elizabeth Rhodes, Seattle Times:Housing prices […]